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Twizy Specification / Options

Hi All,

Had our second test-drive in the Twizy yesterday and we’re obsessed already!

We are looking to place an order in the next week or so for a Twizy Technic in white with the scissor doors but wondered if there were any other accessories / options we should add?

From scanning the forum the mud flaps look like a fairly useful option and the bluetooth kit, but for from the point of view of being able to play music!

Any advice from seasoned Twizy drivers would be appreciated!


Mud flaps are a very good idea - even if you have doors - and they are a pig to fit yourself. Aside from that, now that autumn is upon us, the accessories you may want to get are more for you than the Twizy. A lot of cool air moves through the cabin at any speed - around the back of the driver’s neck in particular - so you may want to get a scarf, or a “buff”, and some gloves that are at least wind-proof, perhaps. A back packer’s towel to put in the LH glove compartment to dry the seats and the “architrave” either side of the roof when the Twizy has been left out in the rain. A puncture repair aerosol if that’s the kind of thing you worry about. A good extension lead with a weatherproof socket on it. Maybe a cover if you can’t keep your Twizy under cover - the Renault one, even if it exists, sound a bit expensive, and people have found cheaper ones - we got ours from Blitzworld. Hope you enjoy your Twizy - most people do!

I fitted the Bluetooth kit myself, there is a thread about it. It does use your phone battery at a rapid rate on Bluetooth, but is otherwise good.
Takes about 1 hour to fit and will save you £120 if you can manage it.
I also fitted the net pockets myself, usuefull for keeping a rubber scraper to clean the inside of the screen from condensation.
You need a good pair of sunglasses too.

Just experimenting with an x-vibe speaker to use the roof to add bass to my blutooth speakers. As a cheap scate, my setup was only £25. It is only one one no phone calls but allows me to play my music.

I’ll find out if it works while driving on the commute to work, the x_vibe woked in the garage.

I’ve just collected a white Technic today and if money was easy, I may have had the Parrot kit fitted by the dealer and waited for a Skyroof which is a cheap option which will be desirable at sale time.

Points to consider:
I think the black seat in the Urban and Colour will look good for longer than the white seat in the Technic
An urban with Skyroof and doors in the free graphite colour, (maybe with aftermarket windows and alloys when available) would hold the highest % value in my eyes
Renault may launch full doors soon and also want to sell more so may offer deals soon to improve interest
There are dozens in the dealer network which are coming off demo and sales are slow, especially with winter coming-I saved £xx00 on an 800 miler by haggling long and hard
Buy any model you find cheap and get it wrapped to your own design-the only difference is the trim and wheels-a wrapped Urban with Skyroof would look amazing
You can add flaps etc if you think you need them, after using it for a bit

Just depends on whether you want what you want or look at it long term?
If buying new, I would probably order a graphite Urban with doors and Skyroof, get it wrapped and add alloys when someone other than Renault launches a new design-this would stand out best and be most cost-effective.

It may be easy to mount a decent phone around roof level and use its handsfree device for calls and music speaker for music-this is what I am in the middle of doing.

I see what you mean about the white seat…

The dealer says the earliest delivery for a white Technic would be mid-December! :frowning:

Is the skyroof an option you can order now? My dealer didn’t mention it but he didn’t seem that knowledgeable about the Twizy…

With the December delivery I’ve had a look at Renault’s used section and theres about 8 on there with 200 to 1000 miles on them but with only a few hundred pounds knocked off the new list price! A quick call to one of the garages and the salesman didn’t want to negotiate the price in the slightest. Could be good news for future residual values!


Originally the Sky roof was not something that could be added latter. However this appears to have changed due to the problems in producing enough of them for demand at the time they were trying to sell the cars. James is trying to get one for his Twizy to fix an issue he has seeing traffic lights.

Any one wanting a Skyroof has had to wait longer.

Not that knowledgeable-what a surprise! Skyroof available to order from November I believe-but I understand the Germans have bought out a retro-fit kit, which seems plausible as they have been the biggest market-but I can’t find trace of it.

Dealers who know about the Technic waiting list will keep the prices high, but I was offered at 221 mile black/blue Colour with doors for £6480-it is still up at £6695 but I would not got higher than £6000, mine came in with a huge saving on new and a 62 unregistered Colour sold on here for £6k.
As winter bites, there will be deals.

Just make sure you get the doors-this was after the 4 mile school run today:

Given up trying to load it! But Twizy plastered in inch thick clay mud…

The salesman was a nice guy and very straight with us admitting he had never sold one, but their knowledge of the Twizy is terrible I knew more from simply spending an hour online doing some research before visiting the dealership…

We took out an Urban in orange with no doors which they had up for sale with a few hundred miles on the clock for £6k. I really enjoyed the no doors experience but it was sunny and 13 degrees… The wife is insistent on doors! Saying that with winter upon us I imagine the dealer will really struggle to sell a Twizy without doors.

Mender, I presume the used Colour you were offered is from Renault Cannock? Only one I could see for £6480…

Think I might play for time and wait to see if an ex-demo pops up in the next month, and try haggling hard on the winter issue, rather than putting down a deposit and waiting till mid-December.


I don’t name dealers but people can guess correctly!!

If it is an urban fair weather toy, doors not so important. If you want to use it daily and not exclusively on dry roads, doors are essential and most buyers will not buy the doorless versions as it is a step too far, so they will be harder to sell. If the doors were available as a retro-fit, there would be no problem, but they are not.

I have had over 100 cars and usually buy by ringing several dealers, making a low bid and leaving details so they can ring if they need one more car sale to hit a manufacturer target or super-target which lets them buy the next batch more cheaply. They will sell at a loss front end, if they get it back in the long run.
With the Twizy being factory order only, this does not work, so I concentrated on the ex-demos and spoke to lots of dealers to say that ex-demo stock was rising sharply and winter was coming so would they be better to sell now instead of holding onto it until spring?

In my eyes, model does not matter as you can customise but the orange paint divides opinion and some Colour model combinations are a bit odd.

I would:
Post a wanted ad on here-you never know-people’s circumstances change and one sold on here was an unwanted prize
Ring everywhere re ex-demos and haggle hard
Order a new graphite Urban with doors and Skyroof, try to haggle on the cost/fitting of the Parrot if that is desirable to you
Ring all the new dealers and ask what stock is in the system (often purchased as the next demo but can be sold before use)-by ringing around in late August I was offered a white Urban with no doors for delivery 1st Sept, a white Urban with doors for 1st Sept, and a Black Technic with doors for 18th Sept (now sold to Russel in Bromyard)

Good luck :wink:

Starting to call round the dealers now and whilst getting some joy with available stock I’m getting some mixed figures around the finance…

On a new Technic I was quoted £182 per month (inc bat rental) with a £1000 down.

Just called another dealer about a ex-demo Colour (a £1000 cheaper than the Technic) and was quoted £200 per month (inc bat rental) with a £1000 down.

When I first called this morning on the initial call they were pitching a new Twizy, they called back 30 minutes later they were trying to push to demo cars rather than ordering a new one!

What the dealers packages. They originally quoted me with interest free finance but changed to some thing else saying the Twizy wasn’t included in the 0% deals. That looks like the difference in the two figures.

A new Technic with doors at £182 inc battery (£49?) is over how many years? What flat% What %APR?

The salesman ran that quote at his desk on the Renault RCI system when were in the showroom at the weekend - new Technic in white with doors £1000 down, £137.38 per month, £45.00 per month for battery (£182.38 total). That was based on the Renault +4 scheme over 48 months. Balloon payment of £2497.50.

Not sure what APR he calculated although this mornings higher quote, from a different dealer for a used Colour, stated the interest at 6.3%.

+4 Scheme does not all apply to the Twizy - no 0% finance. So I think the first quote would get rejected by Renault when it was taken out. Basically that is what happened to me.

£12200 over 4 years wow !!!

Run away :o

PCP >:)

Well over £5k more than mine in total over 4 years, but I did put in £2k deposit. Haggle on the car, haggle on the finance. £12,200 (plus around £2400 battery hire) is loopy.

I’ve had lots of new cars and learnt the hard way-the PCP deals I had basically worked out that I lost my original deposit and paid 3 years payments for nothing-there are punitive mileage limits and they con you by exaggerating any stone chips or minor wear as chargeable damage so the car is worth 12p on the day of reckoning.

I was in sales for years and there are many ways to make money off buyers; the price of the car, undervaluing the p-ex, excessive finance charges and set up/closedown fees, upselling things like SupaGuard for £300 (costs a few quid to do), then service plans, GAP insurance (costs a quarter of the price that dealers charge and is usually a waste of time as many insurers replace like for like up to two years old anyway) etc.

Haggle the base price of the car, haggle the loan/finance rate and try to beat it elsewhere, buy nothing else, walk away.

Re: earlier point about needing doors here!

Re: earlier point about needing doors here-car was only collected yesterday, this was after the 4 mile school run today :lol:

Time for some MUD Flaps:lol: