Twizy spotted on the Wirral

On my way to work this morning (at renault Wirral) spotted a 14’ plate twizy!! Looked great in the sun!!

I’m in the look out for a good deal to get myself a twizy. Will be great for getting to work and back over the water. Plus charging will be easy at work, in the workshop.

It’s great to see the twizy community is strong!! :+1:t3: Don’t see many Twizy’s even with working for Renault. This forum is great!!!

Welcome John.
Please enlighten us. With your connection you should be able to get hold of a Twizy.

Thanks for the welcome, I’m a renault tech currently at Renault Wirral. Been with Renault now for approx 8 yrs.

Getting hold of a twizy shouldn’t be too hard, it’s saving up the funds that’s the hard part. Lol

If you have time to read through the various topics in the forum, you will find there are a few recurring problems with the Twizy. Maybe you can do a bit of digging around and give us some “inside” information :wink::wink::wink:

Welcome John. Hope you get a Twizy. Pity you are so bloomin’ far away!

I’m happy to help where I can. I’ll take a look, and as you say ‘do some digging’ :smile:

That will be me !? Was it white 14 plate? I bought it from Renault Wirral in September last year and I love it!! X

Hi Samantha,
Yes I think it was you! :+1:t3: looked great. It was really good to see a twizy on the road. There should be more around!!
Hopefully one day I can enjoy my own twizy.

It’s funny you live like 800m from me, yet our Twizys have never crossed.

Also my Twizy is up in October so you might find it on Renault Wirrals forecourt soon.

Wow are 2 of you on THE Wirral! I am now with Twizy in Widnes and ventured to New Brighton last week for the rally on the waterfront. Only made Friday night due to work and charged successfully at Asda Liscard. Anyone up for a meet before Twizy weather is gone? I have a powerbox if you fancy trying out your Twizy in 2.0 mode.