Twizy spotted

I felt less alone this morning.

Apart from you lot and I haven’t seen any of you yet, the last time I saw a Twizy zooming around was probably over a year ago.

It was a black Teck and a girl was driving it. I was on my way to the office in Windsor and she turned towards Slough… I biped and waved.

That’s it really :grin:

Photo’s Photo’s !!!

Not possible as we were both driving and I only spotted her as she zoomed past from the right, I managed to get back a little but I was turning left and she was going right.

Another time I hope.

Was anyone here driving a black Twizy on Oxford Street / Oxford Circus about a month ago? You were spotted !

Who had their Twizy serviced by the Renault garage in Perth, Scotland. I thought I was the only Twizy in the village !

Haha Eric you should have given chase!

See how much joy you get when you allow your staff to use ones Twizy. In the rain?!

I’ve spotted 2 Twizy’s in the past 3 weeks.

1 was parked beside a house near Chinnor
The other was in Chelsea, done up in what looked like F1 livery.

No photos unfortunately as I was driving both times and the Mrs is too slow getting her camera ready!

I actually saw another one in Budapest on Saturday which was available for hire (€25 per hour or €99 per day!) :open_mouth: , but you can’t charge it on public charging posts. However you can park for free anywhere in the city, what an awesome way to do the tourist route! is their site.