Twizy stops while driving


While driving, suddenly the car begins to drag, then the red STOP sign flashes up with the battery warning , and the car shuts down.
After stopping, i can restart the car normally.
As I noticed, the car does this while accelerating.

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

PS: sorry for the bad english

Welcome David.
That must be quite a frightening experience. In a wrong circumstance it could have been dangerous too. I can’t think of any reason why your Twizy did that, although I do find the Twizy can be temperamental sometimes. Things don’t work, switch off and start again and it works. Hope it never happens again for you.

Could this be linked to a 12V problem? Had something similar happen to mine although wasn’t when driving, Renault replaced the battery

Could be.
But a few days ago, i made a fullcharge, and didn’t happen anything since then.