Twizy t-shirt

I would love to buy a twizy t-shirt. Can’t seem to find any to buy in the U.K. anyone know of any?

I have seen some lame ones on ebay before.

Generally you can get a custom t-shirt made on-line for £20 these days.

may James can sort an official T-Shirt?

There was this ‘Thread’ from a while ago on this Twizy Page…just take some screen-shots of the shirts and take them to a T-Shirt place to be custom made…click on this… Twizy t shirts

My favourite…

Leave it with me. I will get some cool tshirts designed and put up a store for the site :slight_smile:


Yes I love this one too!

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When @James James and I first got our Twizys (June 2012) Renault gave us a few gifts - Tickets etc. But I also won (joint winner) a Photo competition of a picture of my Twizy - Prize was a Renault EV T-Shirt. It pictured the EV’s form Renault at the time. T-Shirt was way too small for me.

Had forgotten all about this. I got tickets to the Twizy launch event in Covent Garden, was actually a decent event!

I got a model Twizy in a nice box and tickets for Goodwood - where I saw the F1 Twizy. I couldn’t make the launch event with Twist and ???.

Twist and Pulse, who’ve made a small comeback recently.

Yeah I got sent a small model too actually. Forgot about that. Tickets to Goodwood sounds decent as well! :slight_smile:

We are Twizeros in Latinamerica. The comunity biggest of owner’s Twizy. I show you our t-shirts and hoodies. And yo can looking twizeros in youtube