Twizy t shirts

I want a Twizy t shirt. So far have only found this one from Germany

I’ve also found this one which I prefer but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere…

Has anyone bought a Twizy t shirt anywhere?

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Found one on eBay of different design in California ! so costs about £22 inc post Seller is Moviezilla … item number is 142872253250…

Apologies CA was Canada not California !

Wonder if one could get a discount with a bulk order ? I don’t know how to get a photo of it onto the site but if you can it might spark interest …

Hey Guys, check this Twizy shirt out! Best one I found.

What is the discount for evowners members?

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Hey, try TWIZYLIFE, that should reduce the price a bit! Greetings from Berlin

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30% discount, not too shabby.

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