Twizy Technic 2012 Quick Sale required

I am thinking of selling my top of the range Twizy FN12WEW to buy a Zoe to accommodate grandchildren arriving soon! It is in excellent condition, just over 6300 miles . Includes Renault zip in windows. One year’s servicing left to go. Sad to say goodbye but practicalities dictate. Regularly serviced by local Renault dealer. £3995 for a quick sale. Based in Essex. No offers please as this is well under the market value. Click this link to see a video of the vehicle.

Good luck with the sale, would like to think mine is worth similar, & I have done more miles.
look forward to hearing about the Zoe :slight_smile:

Sigh!! Another one deserting the Twizy family!!

I can’t do it! I thought I could, but then the thought of not having my lovely car has made me reconsider. I watched my own video and realised this is not the right time. I did have quite a good offer on a Zoe from a dealer in Kent but not quite good enough. So my friends, I am withdrawing this sale for the moment and when I become a grandmother, maybe that will be time!! I want to be a bit crazy for a bit longer!

Good for you !!!:razz::razz:

Well done, think I would miss mine a lot too :slight_smile:

OK everyone. This time my beloved Twizy has to go. Retirement time for hubby, too many cars on the drive etc etc. Price reduced to £3495!!! It has an MOT until March 2017. Full service history. Brand new set of tyres. 9033 mileage as of 1st August. Based in Essex and around every day for viewing. Windows included.

For the amount of space the Twizy takes up I’d still keep it! Mine gets more use than the other 3 cars I can use daily :slight_smile:

Is this still for sale?

if so please email me at [email protected]

You’ve probably bought one by now, but this one is a much better buy.