Twizy to hire

Hi all, new to this site. I have been reading up about Twizys and looking at reviews on YouTube regarding Twizy’s. I spoke to my Renault dealer here in the North East (Sunderland) and was told no Twizy to test drive up here only one is London area. I was also told by my local dealer that no Twizy’s to order as well. Spoke with Renault HQ and they said visit another dealership (Newcastle) and they will be able to order one. Maybe my local one doesn’t want the hassle of order a Twizy. Sorry for the long story and I’ll get to the point. Is there anyone near the North East with a Twizy I could have a look at and maybe join for a quick test drive before spending out on a new one. Thank all. Loving all the topics and advise.

I have spoke to Lookers in Newcastle and they were helpful. It’s a hard task getting a twizy. Every time I see one it’s either over priced or too old or sold quickly. I wonder if they ever discount new ones? Cheers Mark

Hi Mark, I haven’t spoken with Newcastle yet. Yeah I’m having the same problem looking at loads on AutoTrader and they are too old or very over priced. 67 plate for the same price as a brand new one. I haven’t found any places in the North East who have one or able to test drive one. Have you had a drive of one? Cheers Tony

Not yet. Just watching what comes up. In no hurry so happy to wait for a good one.

Hi, I live in London and bought my Twizy from Lookers in Newcastle, they were really helpful. Also, try Renault London London West, they had a brand new cargo in there a couple of months ago.