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Twizy to Type 2 lead

For those that are still searching for something to let them use the ever increasing range of Type 2 charging posts, there IS an off the shelf solution, but it comes at a price. Sold by Energy Solutions in the UK, the lead - which uses a green cable - features a standard Type 2 plug, to an MK-type enclosed weatherproof 13a socket. Maximum charge is limited to 10a, which is spot on for the Twizy.

The cost (as a one-off) is £244.00, plus VAT and carriage, however I expect quantity discounts will be possible if there is demand from the forum. Whilst this seems a high price to pay - and indeed it is, if you factor in the material cost of the sockets you are already over £100 before you get to the electronics to fool the post into providing a supply to your Twizy.

Price does appear high. £100 for parts and assembly. The electronics as you call them are about 50p (2 resisters and a diode). The MK socket is cheaper then another Type 1 or Type 2 connector. So why does it cost more than a type 1 to type 2 cable Sub £200 inc Vat and P&P?

Good to see that there is an off the shelf option though.

I’m factoring in a reasonable profit margin, and the low (initial) volume of sales as clearly they are in business to make a little money. The component costs even if (say) £100, then I suspect this is overpriced by about £50, but then if you are standing next to a Type 2 post and looking at being stranded, it starts to look like a bargain - especially as currently no charges are being levied by the post operators.

As you say, it is pretty good that an off-the-shelf solution IS available for those that require it - but I hear they also offer one for Zoe users, but this one is over £440 before VAT! This lets you plug your Zoe into a 13a domestic socket - something we Twizy users take for granted!

Do you have a link to the product page for this cable? I’m talking to a guy with a G-Wizz who’s facing the same “Type 2 or nothing” campaign with regard to charge points being installed in his area and thinks he may have to succumb! :slight_smile:

I’ll PM you the details as the firm appear not to show it on their website as a standard item (although they confirm it is). I thought the Gee Wizz used the Blue Commando connector? They do this too!

Well they do on the car end (I think) but the other end is a good old 13amp plug (or so my contact informs me!). Thanks for the information anyway - I’ll wait until it’s official since I don’t need one. The only Type 2 charge points I can reach all have 13amp sockets anyway - though I can’t imagine going to all that trouble and faffing about with a walletful of RFID cards when most pubs will charge me up *and *provide me with refreshment, should I ever so miscalculate as to need a charge en route. :slight_smile: