Twizy top five?

Whats your top five accessories for twizy ? Eg parrot glass roof windows etc etc

Mud flaps

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  1. Doors 2) Windows 3) Parrot 4) floor mat to limit the draught 5) pipe insulation to limit the draught by the doors.

It is obvious that I live in Sweden and drive during the winter…

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Which windows have you went for ?

The korean Ones för me.

Do you have link to the seller?

Biglu33, here on the forum. Send him a PM and ask about the price. He has posted pictures as well.

No doors , Mud Flaps , Floor Mats , Power Box , Alloys :heart_eyes:

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Sunvisor, wind deflectors, cup holder, Smart brake module, Interior light,… and all other small features that I installed by myself

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