Twizy Tours

Hi everyone, we have been following the growth of the Twizy fleet in the UK since early last year.

We want to launch a tour/rental fleet in Scotland (Not dissimilar to ecotravelnetwork and Brand New Forest Twizy - well done to you both by the way!!).

We would really appreciate any views or experience from anyone that has tried or succeeded to get a similar fleet off the ground.

Some beneficial information would be:

Insurance (Being quoted mega prices - as they are self drive hire)…
Buy or lease the Twizy?
GPS tour equipment
Rental success in the UK
Horror stories!

Plus anything else you think would help…

Happy Twizying!

Hi, I’m based in Glasgow and think the idea would be great. Where are you based and where do you see the hire/tour business operating in terms of area out of interest. If its of any use to you I hire my Twizy via and maybe they could offer an insurance option for your fleet ? If you need a test Twizy to test routes, range etc. happy to help if I can ?!

We are in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. We should get in touch. How has whipcar been, do any other owners have whipcar experience to share?

We want to operate in the Park.

We’re making progress towards a potential launch at Easter, great support from West Dumbartonshire Council and Visit Scotland. Not far to go now to complete the jigsaw of match funding…

Any advice from the other National Parks is most welcome!!!

Having this sort of things planned is surely a way of getting good at the skills, because i personally believe that having knowledge about this all can surely be a help which works in a finer way and that is the way how it especially through touring we can keep ourselves well with physical and mental refreshment.