Twizy Trade in value

So I thought that I would just check the trade in value of my Twizy. Contacted Renault and said I wanted a new Twizy fully specced ticked all the boxes and came to 8.5k. Suggested also I wanted to trade in my (bought as new) Sept 14 Twizy - 18 months old with sky roof and doors.

Asked for a trade in value and fell off my seat when they offered me 2.5k.

anyone else any experience of this?


Didn’t suprise me.
Never buy Twizy new. Depreciation is crippling. Good for buying second hand though.

Don’t you just love the car trade?

Makes me wonder what they would offer me for my Twizy.
It’s 4 year old with 14500 miles in the clock…


I bought mine new for £5000 with doors in technic spec, so 2.5k doesn’t surprise me. My future value after 3 years and 13.5k miles is £2700

I hate to say it, but IMHO while Renault themselves are largely responsible for the poor residuals (from back when the first used ones started being sold back to them) the market is so niche that the idea Twizies are worthless second hand could well be influenced by this forum itself…