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Twizy Trailer

Hi all,

I am looking for a traler i can pull along using the Twizy. Just something small really, similar to the one you have for cycling. Does anyone know of any available in the UK please? and maybe a tow bar too.


Eccofunky has done it but only on private roads. It’s a complex legal issue for use on UK roads. The Twizy has no tow bar option and this further complicates things.

Perhaps you can get a suitable bike trailer attachment fabricated but the safety of such an item would need to be considered. Also what would be a safe speed to tow a Bike trailer at? Might be easier to look at a rook box or a rear luggage rack. There are examples on other threads.

Eccofunky’s trailer is pictured as well.

Hi, thanks for your reply. We plan on using it for promo events only in which the roads will be closed to the public and on private land. :slight_smile:

Okay then that’s different and no need to worry. Eccofunky tied on the bike trailer with wire. But you need something that looks better for shows. Doesn’t sound too complex to have a bracket bolted underneath that stuck out the back for the bike trailer. Then just use the trailer attachments. I can see others wanting this.