Twizy trike?

I quite fancy the idea of a twizy trike. Just imagine a twizy with the front box removed and a Harley front end grafted on. Just a thought as I am a mad keen triker. I also have a twizy.

Or keep the front and put a Harley back end on. This is effectively what this is, though this is still electric. We’re hoping this works in the U.S. and can be homologated (if that’s the word) as a quadricycle in the EU (or UK!).

Looks like a tuk-tuk for the 21st century!

Naargh! This is the Twizy equivalent of a Tuk Tuk!

Ah yes, that’s much more like it!

That is fekkin cool and I want one!!

If you want something like a three wheeler that rocks check out the CanAm spYders by BRP. They maybe petrol but they are brilliantly made with no apologetic Renault quality issues. Turns just as many heads as my Twizy too.

A Twizy has a weird frame and a lot of funky plastics…
I can’t see that be married to cold harley chrome and metal.

Try a photoshop mock up…

They look pretty crap without the plastics, like a naked scooter.

right! Now a GOLDWING TWIZY sould make more sense!!!

this is a 6 second mock up of mine

Forget the mock up, I’ll take the two ladies.

Agreed! Very nice set!
Actually I find that rear trunk quite good looking on the mockup


How about a Cree Sam?


I dare think twizy tricycle has been already done.
Spotted this rare beast in israel on my latest trip.

Feast your eyes in this…

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