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Twizy Type 2 cable now available

Just want to point out that it is possible to get type 2 cable as a fixed cable to the Twizy.
It is an option that can be ordered from the dealer.
The problem is probably that there are no owners who have a Type 2 wall chargers…

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I did not know this? Is this in UK or elsewhere?

It can be purchased throughout the EU.

@JBS do you have any more info on this? First I’ve heard of it!

I’m taking a picture and see if I can find a spare party number to.

The part numbers for three different charging cables are shown on here

I assume one is with the 3 pin UK plug, one for the continental 2 pin plug and lastly the Type 2 plug.
The problem is finding out which one is which.

Part #5 in that diagram looks like a fixed socket that sits under the flap at the front rather than a pull out cable. That could well be your type 2 option. But it could just as easily be a commando type

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A picture says a 1000 words…

Avaliable here, also a Dacia part

It’ll be interesting to know how much Renault UK want for one, if they can get them.

I will ask at our local dealer tomorrow.

Wow. Only a little more than some convertor plug in options. And easy enough to install…

Wonder if it’ll break all the gen1 chargers tho :thinking::grin:

Edit - And on second thoughts…is tethered or not the future? Why carry the weight of the cable around if you dont need to?

Oh wow! That looks the biz. I wonder if the pilot signal is correctly connected between the charger module and Type 2 plug? If so that would confim that the Pilot connection on the charger module is listening to the Mark-space ratio command of an EVSE and should limit down to 6A perhaps?

Can you get a close up of the plug on that and confirm if the signal wires are connected?

I would guess yes :smile:

I called in the local Renault Dealers today for some Twizy parts and as promised I asked about the OEM curly charger lead with the Type 2 plug instead of the UK 3 Pin. It is available in the UK with a two week lead time. The original part number 296956309R has been superceded and the new number is 296957819R price is staggering 343.30 plus VAT total £411.96. Form an orderly queue! I will stick with my excellent EV Bitz adapter lead.

I wonder if it was a number revision or a part revision?

yikes it makes the Bitz adaptor cheap :laughing:

hats off to Renault again :crazy_face:

I’m going to send an email up to EVBitz.
If the type 2 is something that people want as standard, I wonder if you can remove your current lead with 3pin and courier it up to EVBitz, and have the 3 pin removed and replaced with the type 2 plug (with key).
Means being without a charger for 2 weeks, but would have exactly what Renault want over £400 for!
I guess it’s easier to get a straight forward type 2 to 3 pin granny.

I think the type 2 to 3 pin granny offers the most flexibility for charging. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me I only granny charge at home where I mostly charge all my electric cars.