Twizy Tyre Choice?

My Twizy has now clocked over 10,000 Miles :slight_smile:
It’s MOT is due in June and the rear tyres will need to be replaced before then.
So, what choice do I have with fitting tyres.
Checked online and tyres in the correct size start at just over £20.
I beleive the standard tyre fitment are ‘special’ tyres.
How important is it to fit the original tyre?


Like all these things you pay your money ang you take youryour choice. The original tyres are desiged to give the best range. I got mine for a
approx £35 each plus fitting.

As above the originals are eco tyres with low rolling resistance for maximum range and low noise levels for maximum enjoyment-and at such low prices why bother spoiling the Twizy for a few quid?

I could understand if the tyres were £100+ and the alternatives half the price, but best just to spend the £35 each IMO :wink: