Twizy tyres wanted

Hi all, anyone got a good source for some rubber? Most places don’t stock around the Cardiff area, so might as well look nationwide. If anyone has already cracked the nut on best price and availability, it would be much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks for any input you might have.

I went with these on the rear:-

Item Quantity Single Price Total
Uniroyal RainExpert 3 145/80R13 75T 2 £26.55 £53.10
Total £ 63.19 incl. VAT

From Here

Worked well in snow and rain. Range appears fine. They are BIG though and only just fit under mud guards, they have Continental Conti.e contact in both sizes for front and rear.

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I have put Continental Conti.e on the front and on the rear before. However when I needed rears tyres again they were none available or silly money. So tried some thing else on the rear.

Tyres all get shipped in to the country anyway. Some quicker than others.
Also check My Tyres and eBay. Fine who has them for he best price. eBay will not be cheapest but the company selling them may have a website where they are cheaper.

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Thanks guys for the advice, that helps since Michelin was the only alternative I was looking at. :slight_smile: