Twizy upgrade


Does anyone know how to upgrade the twizy to make it faster? Mine is a 2016 model and I heard these can’t be upgraded?
Also anyone know a company that can replace the wheel arches so I can put bigger wheels on it?


Take it easy on that idea! The Twizy has adequate safety but at the expense of stiff suspension and limited comfort. Going faster might be outright dangerous.

I write this as a free-lance journalist mainly covering electric vehicles.

They can be upgraded but not reversed so you would need to buy a new motor controller for that! Talk with Kenneth

I don’t know many Twizy’s in the area that haven’t been upgraded for a power increase to be honest. The brakes are more than adequate for the job and after 3 years of driving the car with the increase I have had zero problems by way of handling, braking and therefore safety. Going faster for me (and many others who have applied the same upgrade) has proven to be not dangerous therefore. It’s not just the increase in power it’s the way Kenneth has smoothed out the power curve making the Twizy so much safer to manoeuvre in traffic, fast or slow.

The upgrade is available for your 2016 Twizy and as far as I am aware it is fully reversible, but check with Kenneth the inventor of the genius device that is simple to use and totally transforms a Twizy in to a worthwhile machine to drive in. it really is night and day. His email address is: [email protected]


That’s a great help thanks! I have just emailed Kenneth.

Much appreciated!

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Hello there!
I have just been at Kenneth’s home and got my twizy upgrade, it’s a 2018 model. Have to say that, on the one hand, that was exciting and, on the other hand, I’m really pleased.

Some things stop working after the update though. But none of it matters to me. But still good to know in advance.
The trip meter does not count anymore,
ecometer (the three stretches at the top) does not work anymore,
you do not have to turn the nodes until it gives sound without turning to position two and driving,
speed limitation one back (15km / h) is gone, and 85km / h barrier is gone,
that’s all I’ve discovered so far.

I’ve noticed that my car pulls less power after updating even though I’m driving more aggressively now! In addition to the new power, it’s great to see the cells load and to what level, to change the regen so it helps to brake and another level of engine brake is amazing!

Kenneth did the job for me to change parts, but with the right tools you can do it yourself! I can say that the update, even though it costs twice the year before 2016, is still worth doing. Joy, control of the car and I think the parts (control unit and powerbox) will keep the value. So thumbs up and do not hesitate. My car is just 2 months old and I’m glad I did it already!

Thanks so much for the detailed info. It’s very helpful.
Where is Kenneth based?
I won’t be able to do this myself as I am quite useless with it all.


Kristiansand few km out of the city