Twizy Urban for sale

**Price: £3250
**Location: Crawley, West Sussex
**Year: 2012
**No. of Owners: 2
Mileage: 7000miles

I have had my Twizy for about 18 months. It was purchased from a garage in Hassocks with just 250 miles on the clock at nearly 3 years old. It had sat in a barn unused for nearly all of the 3 years. I use the Twizy every day for a 25 mile commute. It has passed the last two MOT’s with no issues. The only addition I have made is to add mud flaps. It has the normal silver and black wheels, doors, parrot Bluetooth speakers. At the moment it has a chipped and cracked screen, but it’s due to be repaired as soon as I find the time.
Reason for sale is that I have changed jobs and now have to drive a company car with a smelly Diesel engine.
Price is £3250 or nearest offer.
Again when I have time I will add photos.

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Really like that colour, hope you find a buyer

I’m based in London and looking to buy my first electric car and I’m very keen on the twizy. Is yours still for sale please? Thank you, Amy

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Good luck Amy - problem is it gets addictive lol We own two electric cars and no ICE any longer :smiley:

Thank you - hopefully I can arrange a viewing. It seems like such a vehicle really fits my lifestyle, so good to know it worked for you!

Amy, yes the vehicle is still for sale. It’s still being used as my daily commute. Happy to arrange a viewing.

I will send you a message, but yes free Sunday.

Please note Twizy is still for sale.

That’s a nice example and I think you have the price about right (after a haggle of course!) Good luck selling you really shouldn’t have any problems selling to a Twizy enthusiast.

Twizy now sold. Sold via Autotrader in just two days.

thanks for saying as i think i need to try that now!

I had a look on eBay and Autotrader and found that there was more for sale on Autotrader. I advertised it at £3500 expecting to take around £3000. To my surprise I had lots of enquiries and the first person paid the full asking price. I could easily have got more money, but at least it’s sold.

Twizy prices are definitely firming up in the last year or so. Good for us owners, but not so good for new second hand buyers.