Twizy Urban SOLD

Price: £3500
Location: Milton Keynes
Year: 2014
No. of Owners: 2 (Renault and I)
Mileage: 6,300 miles

White and black Renault Twizy Urban in good condition.
Purchased from Renault after they used it for 11 months as a demo model.
Low annual mileage, kept in the garage at home. Has two brand new front tyres.
Next MOT due 29/09/2018
Comes with rainproof cover (
Some internal scratches to the rear passenger area plastic but nothing serious.
I still have the battery lease from Renault in effect so this will need to be transferred at the point of purchase.
Reluctant sale but will soon need to drive both kids around so need to migrate to a 4 seat car :disappointed:

I can only upload one photo here (as I’m a new user) so all the photos of the Twizy are in this Google Drive folder:

Added a couple more photos to include the rain cover, the battery charged to 100% (to prove it will!) and confirmation from a PowerBox (not mine) that the battery is in great condition.

Edit was because I forgot to indicate the Renault battery lease is included in this sale.


That’s a good buy for someone !!

If it’s still available that’s a good price.

Is the power box for sale?

Hey , that’s soon to be my Twizy! (subject to the battery lease transfer!). It’s also my new PowerBox so it’s not for sale I’m afraid. I got it so I could check the battery condition before I buy and this car is in great condition. Looking forward to joining the Twizy community very soon. I am hoping it will do my regular 36 miles round trip commute on a charge but I have some battery top-up plans if it won’t.


Where are you based?

I’m based in West Sussex.

Pity. If you are local (Milton Keynes) we could meet up. There are not many around. Strangely enough I saw one charging in the city centre on Sunday.
Well done. I think you have a good buy. Enjoy.

It could have been me test driving it in Milton Keynes on Sunday… It will be making a trip down South hopefully next week if the paperwork comes through. I cant wait to get it and start my emission free driving…

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If you were test driving the one you bought, it wasn’t you I saw. That one had an orange roof. Wow that means there were at least 3 Twizys on the road in MK on Sunday !! :yum::yum:

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Hi all :slight_smile:

So good to see @Stripe active here, :wave:

@tw_sjo sorry for not replying about the Powerbox, totally missed that email in my inbox.

Whilst I will soon (Renault admin depending) be Twizy-free :cry: I expect to be still EV owning. Still trying to button down some prices but I’m sure to be back here in a couple of weeks with something new to be excited about. Not as head-turning as the Twizy but still silent and fun.

Hi, sorry you are losing your Twizy. I am in MK too but a pity I have never bumped into you. In fact the 5 years or so since I have my Twizy, I think I have only come across 2 or maybe 3 on the road.

I guess this did actually sell?


Yes it has. I appear to have lost the ability to edit this post to clarify that!! :slight_smile: