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Twizy V Van need a few parts now

hi not had the best weekend didn’t get a promotion I went for and a white van went into the back of my twizy, did the driver stop no, did the police car two cars behind get him yes but he is not insured and is a traveler on the plus side it did cave the fount end of the van so It would have been a wright of even if he had insurance.

Looks like the twizy is a strong car but having had a close look I do need a few parts,

*]I need to replace the back bumper easy
*]white plastic bit that sits at the bottom of the boot thing looks like i am going to be taking my whole car to do that one
*]one of the number plate light things

if anyone know the part numbers for the white plastic thing please let me know

Sorry to hear about your bad weekend. So frustrating. Hope you manage to get it sorted.

So glad that they caught him.

Well renult are quoting me on some parts including a sky roof, well if I need to take half the car apart then i might as well get that done as I need to remove the roof anyway looks like about £700 all in wating for pricing

Just a thought-if s4x in Genoa, Italy bought bits for his from a salvage agent there, do they have your parts available for less money?
Perhaps PM him?

I can’t find any Twizy breaking in UK yet, but there are examples in Europe.
Do a package deal and get the brake pads for James at the same time!

Got back the price £307.70 all ex VAT shipping estimate is 10 – 15 days

*]£61.50 for Rear Bumper
*]£14.10 for rear bumper polystyrene strip (goes between bumper and body)
*]£96.95 Rear Floor
*]£6.72 rear number plate Lamp
*]£46.09 For the closest thing the car has to a bonnet? It needs a re-spray this may be cheaper not sure witch option to go down
*]£86.94 for roof (need to give them a reg number for a car with sky roof to confirm, thanks eBay)
*]£19.43 for a new “A” pillar cover (damaged when fitting central locking & sun visor)

All sounds reasonable enough to me, I’d buy the “bonnet” as it would be cheaper than respraying, then sell old one on ebay

That’s what I was thinking

Just over £100 inc vat for a sky roof?! Sounds good to me!

Where are you getting these parts from?

Renault wolverhampton, they have been very helpful but. Wish they didn’t have to keep speaking to France for info

I was quoted £150 ex vat for the sky roof part. £300 inc vat for supplied and fitted.

Are you are your price is correct, or are they doing you a special deal?