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Twizy Video

Here’s a video promoting the joys of low energy travel in rural areas. And a reminder that the sun used to shine, and may again.

Oh yes the nice weather, Warm sun and not just winter sun.
Thanks for sharing.

He says around 2:00 that it needs 40 p for recharging. Is that based on the price he is selling his water-power-electricity? Or ist that a normal electricity price at your island? :razz:
Here you pay around 1,80 €.

Well it doesn’t cost HIM anything at the moment, because his hydro is running at 4 to 6 KW pretty well all the time. But on average he uses less than half a tank which would indeed cost him about 40p. But he wouldn’t get 50 miles, even if he didn’t drive like a madman. I reckon a full charge frpm empty uses about 7kWh, which would be over £1.

I generally calculate it about 87p for a full charge on a standard tariff. Unless energy prices have gone up recently which is likely.