Twizy w/ doors & windows for sale (Devon) - SOLD

Price: £3390
Location: Exeter, Devon (UK)
Year: 2013
No. of Owners: 2
Mileage: 13,800 miles


Doors & windows! Only selling because I’m off to uni - sad to see it go!
Battery contract would need to be transferred (see below for details).

Vehicle is in great condition.

Key points:

  • 12 months MOT (next one due 15th Sept 2017).
  • Full service history. User manual.
  • Parrot bluetooth handsfree sound system.
  • 1 year of free servicing / breakdown cover remaining (the 4-year warranty ends on 3rd Sept 2017).
  • You don’t have to pay road tax!
  • Only one past owner before me.
  • Date of first registration: 7th January 2013


  • 2 x Doors (not all Twizy’s have doors)
  • 2 x Detachable windows (rigid Lexan plastic with rubber trim)
  • 1 x Rain cover with bag (see photo) - fits neatly in the boot
  • 4 x Original white Renault hubcaps (I have them off because I prefer the appearance without)
  • 1 x Passenger seat behind the driver
  • 1 x Parrot bluetooth handsfree sound system
  • 2 x Keys

Battery contract:

  • As with many fully electric cars, the battery has to be leased. I pay £55 per month to Renault for up to 4500 miles per year (12-month contract).
  • If you buy the car we simply fill out a form that transfers the battery contract to your name. You can continue at my £55 fee and mileage, or change to a different price plan (battery hire monthly prices available here:
  • If you go for a 12-month contract, but decide to sell before 12 months, you can transfer the contract to the buyer, so you are not stuck with it. I have found the battery leasing stress-free; I just think of it in the same way I think of a mobile phone contract.
  • The actual cost of electricity for running the car is unbelievably cheap, see paragraph below. 1800 miles has cost me £45 in ‘fuel’.

General features of a Twizy:

  • Top speed 52mph; range is approx 45-50 miles.
  • Very snappy acceleration - feels like driving a go kart to work.
  • Heated windscreen.
  • Standard British 3-pin plug charges through any domestic socket.
  • Airbag.
  • Regenerates energy whilst going downhill or decelerating.
  • Easy to park.
  • 12V socket and USB charging point.
  • Low maintenance.

Comes with doors (you laugh, but many Twizy’s don’t have them!). In my opinion a Twizy without doors is unusable. They are absolutely essential for piling in shopping bags and clothing around the seat; without them, I’d imagine any luggage you have would simply fly out of the vehicle.

I also bought some rigid Lexan windows, which are included. These can be put on during winter and taken off for the summer. The Twizy was my only commuting vehicle throughout last winter and I was always a comfortable temperature (providing I wore a coat). The heated windscreen is very useful!

It’s a brilliant run around - my parents both prefer to use it over their own diesel cars when popping into the town for groceries because it’s easy to park, quiet, and eco-friendly.

The electric running costs are so low they are hard to believe. I’ve been using a monitor on my charging socket which shows that the past 1800 miles have cost me £45. I would say I’m quite a sporty driver as well, quite quick to speed off when the lights change, so with more conservative driving I’d imagine it would be even more economical.

I hope I can find somebody who will enjoy this car as much as I have. It certainly turns more heads than a Ferrari… and at less than half a ton, it must surely be the most environmentally friendly car in the world?

Questions welcome. Contact for more images (I was only allowed 5 on this post).
Please note I’m advertising it on several websites.

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Nice post. Hope you find a buyer :slight_smile:

Now sold (went for £3000 FYI). Thanks.