Twizy wanted ASAP

Hi folks I’ve got up to £4000 max to spend on a twizy.
so don’t trade in to a dealer.
email me on [email protected]
regards steve.

I bought mine for a huge deal less than the advertised sale price off a main dealers at this time of the year.

I rang several dealers, made a firm offer on their car stating that I was only offering the same amount it would be worth in the spring and that no-one will buy a Twizy in the cold months so why not take the cash now? Of four dealers, two came back with counter offers, one eventually and begrudgingly accepted my offer-but it lost me any dealer niceties, it was even unwashed and the dealers not very friendly on pick-up, but I did not care.

There’s a few on Autotrader at £5400, I’d start there and you’ll find someone will finally give in-it may take a few weeks of manager meetings, though!
I’d hold out for a doored model for best resale, too and insist they include extended flaps in the deal (fit them easily yourself), if they come with the windows tell them they can keep them to improve the price, or take them and resell them on ebay.

Good luck.

Good idea
funnily I emailed a couple of dealers and asked for their best deal.but they replied that that was the final price.which I don’t believe.

i will try your method.

They’ll get a lot of those sort of emails for all sorts of cars and will often ignore them.

If you ring, speak to a staff member and explain that you want a Twizy with doors and are ready to give a deposit over the phone immediately, but have an absolutely fixed budget of £4000, a decent (have fun with that!) dealer will find you one in the network somewhere.

They have various targets to meet and a level of stock to stay under so timing and them taking you dead seriously is everything.
I have owned 237 cars and bought dozens new, a few new deals have been under cost price just so the dealer can hit a target or super-target (the benefits of which are greater to the dealer in financial value than the loss on one new sale). They just have to know you are dead serious and will make a payment if they ring you.

car now sourced thanks to this ad.pick up on monday 17th nov.thanks.


What did you find and where?

Good service from Renault or bought privately?

Neat job.
what did you find, price. Am still looking for the “one” :confused:

Bought it from East Yorkshire.from a nice guy called peter.3500 miles .good condition.parrot Bluetooth ,technic wheels,and windows .
cost £4000 after van hire ,fuel , just made my budget.happy.

I’ve only driven to work 2 days 18 miles round trip.with around 22 miles left on battery.
massive attention at works car park.people can’t believe it has no windows .i choose to leave them off.
loving it so far.roll on the summer.

You had better get used to the attention!
i’ve owned my Twizy for nearly two years and it still gets the same attention :smiley:
You will will quickly get used to the same questions…

  1. Is it Electric?
  2. How fast does it go?
  3. How far does it go on a charge?
  4. How long to charge up?
  5. etc etc


Sounds like a good deal, enjoy!

Hi Folks,

Change of Circumstances and so my Twizy has to go.
Listed it on Ebay.
Renault Twizy Colour with Technic Trim (thats the description as i bought it :wink: - enjoy)

Just Saw Mender! Blimey, thats a good one. if only i was around eh :wink:

Anyway, my auction starting today - No Reserve, starting from £3550