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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Twizy wanted

I’m in Sussex (south) and have some cash burning a hole in my pocket.
Please contact me if you are interested in a quick cash sale.

I have a grey Colour, registered in late Dec 12 (62), with doors, a glass roof and the bluetooth kit.

Done 4200 miles as I type.

Looking for 4k - replacing reluctantly through change of circumstance (getting a job outside my expected commute radius).


WOW That’ll sell quickly with that age/mileage/spec; doors essential to most users, nice to have Bluetooth, the Skyroof is v desirable.

Buyers: that will be cheapest one EVER offered with the highly desirable Skyroof, so get on to it if you want to buy it :cool:
I certainly would with that spec and mileage if I had the funds now.


Unbelievable :frowning:
Wife’s twizy arrived today.

This forum is amazing. I’ve had quite a few car offers now. All great prices that I would have gone for, but all after I already put a deposit down with a dealer, grr.

Keep posting in here as you will receive private messages I’m sure!

If you do a search on Google it will direct you this way. Good luck selling

Fascinating this - dealers won’t even look at the thing and yet you’re all here trying to bite my hands off…

You’d think Renault would make a bid as they manufactured it and sold it to you-it’s disgraceful.
Quite a few have sold via Ebay, some before end of bids so stick it on there highlighting the Skyroof.