Twizy Weather on the way!

So looking at the weather forecast this morning it seems we’re going to get very sunny and slightly above average temperatures next week.

I know a lot of you on here won’t have ever driven your Twizy in non-freezing weather, so make sure you get out and enjoy it next week. It is like a different car in the sunshine and makes you and everybody else really happy.

Personally, the cold weather windowless commuting was really starting to sour my love for the Twizy after 5 months of cold!


What’da’ya mean? The Twizy is fun ALL YEAR ROUND :slight_smile:

Seriously though James, I agree. Warmer weather will make it easier to drive. Plus, it gives so much better range in the warm. I’m looking forward to hitting 45-50 miles per charge, instead of 30-40! :slight_smile:


Not soured my fun in the Twizy.
The warmer weather not only brings the better range but better performance. The rise in temps we had in the last week has been noticeable. Even more fun


So do Renault know what the Twizy is? On Twitter they appear no too!

sums them up im afraid

<facepalm> good grief!

Oh it got worse.

Copied in Dealer who said " Whoops. We would look at at it but our Weather machine is broken!" and they copied in the Met Office. The Met Office replied offering their services. :lol:

If Renault hadn’t succumbed to the pressure to make their own windows, they could have claimed that air-conditioning on the Twizy was indeed “standard” and offered to fix any customer perceived fault by removing the faulty component for £60.

I think this topic deserves to be dredged up for the next few days. Twizy owners, enjoy it while it lasts!

Yep now my brakes have been done back to 50 miles range on my daily commute.

What happened on Twitter? Do you have the link

What from 3 years ago? No sure Twitter goes back that far.

:grinning: :blush: whoops didn’t realise it was an old thread

I’ve been driving my twizy in short sleeves for about 6 weeks now, and I live in Scotland!

Must say I struggled in the Twizy today. It was like a sauna inside. Wonder how people with the clear roof fared. Must be even worse.

I struggled too, could of done with air con. Lol.

The Twizy definitely gets more attention when the weather is like this.