Twizy Wheel alternatives


I’ve recently had some understeer with the Twizy, also the original wheels look weak and thin, so I’d like to work on a new project to replace all four wheels with larger ones.
I’ve done a good bit of research on where to start, but all I see is numbers and leaves me confused (obviously I am new to this).
I was hoping maybe somebody could direct me, give me tips, where to start, how to choose the right alloys, or even recommend me known wheels used by other Twizy owners.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! :sweat_smile:


Image wheels in the UK can make 3 stud wheels in any size that you like.
The original wheels will not be weak, Renault would have tested them to destruction to suit the car.
You may want to play around with tyre brand and inflation as I have the standard wheels with the best quality tyres I could buy, I have a powerbox and I do not really get understeer that would cause a problem at all.

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If you go wider you will add rolling resistance which will reduce speed and range. Also keep an eye on the weight, it has a big effect on a low power vehicle like this.

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Ah alright, thank you. What’s the weight of the default Twizy alloy?