Twizy window clip

Hi, is the window clips suppose to be like this?


No, it’s supposed to hook under the panel. I have up fighting with mine and will probably just remove them and use a cover in the winter.

What panel?
Mine has always been like that. Actually I can remove them as I never use the windows.

The outside half of the door.

No wonder you have given up fighting with yours. It’s never going to happen if they were supposed to hook under the outer panel :astonished:

Thanks for bringing the window clips up. As I said I never use the windows, but never thought of removing the clips. Now that you have mentioned them, I have gone and removed the clips and it looks a lot neater :grin:

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Mine looks like that on one side, on the other as mentioned above it goes underneath the outer panel

Typical Renault Twizy fitting then.:slight_smile:

So, the clips are not going under the outer panel then?

Oh I gave up on mine, I moved over to Twizy Windows as these clips kept bending…

The clips are supposed to be under the outer panel, like this :slight_smile:

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That’s neat.
Mine are so far off that they will never fit like that. Not that it matters as I have taken them off now.

Ahh nice, will try that. Is there other windws that are better to use?

I like twy-rain :slight_smile: I ordered mine from an italian seller on ebay. I love them! The are super in the winter :slight_smile:

My window clips were damaged on one side in high winds (door open and window flipped over). You can’t get replacement clips - not without the windows!! Typical b----y Renault. Charge you £400 just so you can get two clips that probably only cost 50p each!

No! They clip into the door frame.

Have you searched after market? To be fair you can probably find a local company who can make one for you at half the cost