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Twizy Windows Aftermarket

Hi everyone, I currently have a Twizy Colour since 2012 and have had two sets of windows from Renault which I think are very poor and the zips don’t not last long as well as draught and lots rain coming in still.

Does anyone recommend on their view the best windows out there currently which covers the whole gap on the sides? I have seen the TWY windows from Italy and from twizywindows.co.uk. Stuck in two minds between the two pro’s and con’s for both. Was wondering if theres any other windows out there?

Thank you in advance.


I have twizywindows.co.uk, they’re not bad, but they are what they are, basically a sheet of perspex.
Major thing is they cut the wind noise/chill and keep it dry when parked up.
I asked for it without the cutout for the door handle, have a remote door popper installed, but most of the time i end up just bending the plastic back to get my fingers to the door handle. Brought some rubber seals to beef up certain areas from vibrating and some extra velcro straps to better secure them during windy fast drives into work. They have scuffed the plastics and the 3/4 window, but oh well, as long as i can use it in the winter.
Being in the car design world I cant help but feel that there’s a better solution but i do understand investment ££ and being a small market, I wouldn’t mind betting the Renault boys have a really good full door design on their server somewhere.

TWY windows is what Sir Stirling Moss uses on his Twizy, look a good bit of kit but i havent seen any to comment on how good they really are.

Also advantage of Twizywindows over renault is they keep the passenger dry, which was one of the main reasons I got them, keeps the mrs happy when she carshares with me.

Thanks for your reply, Not having the cut out sounds good but how easy would you say you can open the door without the cutout?

I looked at the TWY rain windows, my only concern with them is that the small pivoting window will annoy me and distract me when looking from the sides. I know you can’t comment on them.

Decisions… Decisions… lol

Hey guys ive just ordered the twy-rain windows and they should be here next week according to the seller. So ill let you know how they turn out.

Main reason im getting replacement windows (i already have the reanault ones) is because my twizy is outside 100% of the time and it gets pretty wet inside everytime it rains! Also could do with the extra insulation. Ill definately take them off in the summer though!

I have a set of Twizy windows in my garage if anyone is interested

I bought the windows from my old twizy from the new owner because he’s got twizywindows. I took them to my mate bob, and he bent the frames artistically using his knee. They now follow the line of the wee plastic windows and fit a lot better than they ever did in the old twizy. I’m going to invest in a roll of 3mm rubber door strip, and that should make an even better seal. Drag has been greatly reduced with the windows now making the twizy more aerodynamically efficient. Im going to invest in the twizy blogspot rear deflectors just to finish them off.

A cable tie round the interior handle poking out between the top of the door and the window frame works very well for openin* the door with windows fitted.

I found the coolest windows so far.
Sad thing is that they dont ship fra Colombia to Norway and they want us to communicate in spanish. And I dont speak spanish.

Does anyone know where we can get windows like these and at what cost?

They lock fantastic.
I hope someone can find out what they will cost.

They cost 800 USD with DHL freight to Norway.

Where can We buy it from?

We can buy them from Spain!
They are empty at the moment but are awayting new shipment in late june.
480 euros + freight and VAT


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Here in Korea, the Twizy comes with windows similar to those. I was told that the Korean market complained about the previous windows, so Renault upgraded the windows for the 2018 model.

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That’s awesome, can anyone confirm these are available anywhere else?

I actually spoke with the dealer here because someone else ask me and they told me it’s only for the Korean market.

I got my windows yesterday and put them on today and they are great!
I bought it from www.garage-ev.com in Spain and had them shipped with TNT.

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I bought a 2018 model that was delivered in may, but they only have the old windows available in Norway.

How are the windows holding up?
Is there any fogging inside or how do you fight against it?

I also have the windows from twizywindows, they certainly help with the noise/chill and rain but I have a problem with the magnet thingy which stops the windows from flapping, It keeps falling off, I have used the sticky disk provided and I have also tried super glue.
Anyone know of a a fix for this?