Twizy Windows New or Used

Price: £175-£225
Location: North East
Year: New & Used
No. of Owners: NA
Mileage: NA

I’ve managed to come by a brand new set of genuine Renault Twizy windows. This means I now have 2 sets for my car, which obviously I don’t need. I’m therefore looking to sell one set, either the brand new ones or the ones I have on my car today. I’m not bothered which set sells as the ones I already have are in good condition and don’t need changing, but I am only selling the one set, I like windows despite what some people say about having them…:grinning:
For the new set I’m after £225 which includes postage (mainland UK)
For the used set I’m after £175 which includes postage (mainland UK)
I’m open to sensible offers too and will offer some money off if you want to collect them (North East). I’m also happy to ship to Europe, (I was surprised just how easy it was sending wheels and tyres to Germany and The Netherlands)

I can get some pictures of the new ones too, but I haven’t taken them out the box myself yet.

Insert all images here.

Somebody must want windows for a Twizy…??

Sold the new ones, so I’m keeping me old ones… :grinning:

Do you still have the windows?

As mentioned above in the thread I was able to sell the new ones so kept the old ones, sorry,