Twizy windows wanted

Does anyone happen to be selling a set of windows?ive lost loads of weight and I’m now freezing.

New Windows for Twizy - buy it

I’ve made my own, but cannot guarantee that they are UK VOSA compliant.


Pete, any info on your DIY? I’m making my own too now.

Sorry. Too rich for my blood.!!

There is a 10% discount in this days !

Hi @nakos,

I used 4mm acrylic and 18x10mm aluminium bar. The bar is attached to the two interior panel screws (same place that Renault windows attach). I’ll get some pictures to you if interested.


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That would be brilliant Pete. Chap i know owns a plastics company, so I’m sure he could sort me out with materials!!

Yeah Pete pics would be great! There are so many variables and details in designs. My is going to be best and most complex))

@Repoman @nakos

Pictures are late due to working and dark evenings. Will attempt tomorrow.

@Repoman @nakos

Pictures as promised.

The small screw is a bit of a workaround to stop a small amount of “flapping” due to wind pressures.

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Thanx Pete, your windows are great! Few Qs. Do you push it outward to open the door? I see you dont have any part that can be opened, so is it not too hot in summer? Does it get fogged in the cold?

No problem,

I push out to open from the inside. You will see I have loops to pull the windows away from the body when opening from outside. Additionally I have the cables to operate the door handles from outside.

The windows cannot be opened. I intend to replace the bolts with hand screws so that you can take the windows out easily if it gets hot (very rare in England).

The windows have not yet fogged, even when the windscreen does.

I know this is an old post but if you’re still looking for windows, I’ve got these original Renault windows for sell. These are only available in Korea. Super awesome and great for the Twizy.

Here is the link for it on eBay.