Twizy Wing Mirrors

Hi. Anybody know how I can purchase a right-hand side wing mirror from?

Oh dear, can I ask what has happened?

Do you want the whole wing mirror ie. casing and glass or just the glass?

Thanks for your concern @osbrook had a “mirror kiss” moment on a narrow lane where it was mirror or gutter😱. The stem, case and mirror were shattered.

Due to having lost half my rear view, I needed to something PDQ. I took one off my motorbike and with a bit of angle bracket managed to bodge a temporary affair until something could be sourced.

Fortunately I found these on eBay Tuesday night, ordered them knowing I was off Wednesday.

The flanges are marginally wide, but not enough to effect a suitable fit. They are also similar to the ones on the F1 Twiz.

Amazingly, they arrived today and fitted them just before dark😀.

Do you have a door less model? As these would do nicely. Good find.

When it’s light can we have a picture?


Doored (like its not obvious from the picture) .

They are quite a bit smaller than expected but probably weigh a third of the weight.

Just need to sort out a grommet for the gap around the stem. I will fashion these out of the other flip flop from the one that I used around the steering column.:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Updated with pictures of “flip-flop grommet” (sounds like a good name for a band!!!)

Hey, they look GOOD!! Maybe not as functional but look “sporty”. Well done!!

Thanks @askho,

Not as functional no, but sufficient.

Forgot you had those fancy wheels too, so the mirrors go nicely. Just noticed your tyres are sticking right out, are you going to get the wheel spats to go with them.

The mudguards have ended up being like the mirrors, functional and sufficient😁. I had a nightmare with the ones that came with the Elia wheels. I paid virtually €400 for four pieces of fibreglass which you are supposed to chassis glue to cut-down original mudguards. I felt this compromised use of the original guards, stopping them from being used with the old wheels for winter driving. I opted for middle ground, cutting the outer edge of the originals and wrapping them in the carbon fibre wrap.

Putting the flaps on will help some spray back to the car, but I think will affect the look.