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Twizy without battery lease - value?

What would a Twizy with no battery lease be worth to you? 2-3k on the clock, doors, ex-dealer demo. Just wondering!

Of course no battery lease also means no breakdown cover or warranty.

any pictures , what year?

62 plate

is the Cosy for sale :heart_eyes:

should think if you get the battery flap fixed , £5k is a good starter but depends on what people want to pay.

That’s the point, what are YOU willing to pay? If you’re not in the market to buy… then it’s probably just speculation :slight_smile:

There are battery flaps on ebay at the moment

Someone has cheapened this example by adding Windows. :grin:

Now we get all the replies about it having doors as well !!!

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@Rodbluemax It has a brand new flap on it already, that’s an old photo.

I’m in the market but my budget is meant to be only £2-3k. And that is why I’m still looking… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think around £5k ish is about as much as I would want to pay. There have been Twizys going for a lot more than that, but my wallet won’t open that far!

Where are you and the car?

With that low mileage and no battery lease its probably worth getting the battery health checked. If its been stored at a high or low state of charge for a long time then it isnt good for the battery.


There’s a Twizy on ebay right now for £2995 but it’s a non-charger. I think its the same one that was for sale a while back on Gumtree in Golders Green for £750 as a complete non-runner. Looks like the garage has done a lot of work on it but still having issues working out why it won’t charge. Could be a good project car, but if the battery is toast, it’s only good as a donor car for spares.

yeah that one is odd, he’s changed the charger but says it doesnt run - charger issues would normally mean it just doesnt charge but will still start and run, so something is rather messed up on that one and the battery is a risk.

Is the question really, is a battery leased or battery owned more valuable? A 2012 battery isn’t worth much in terms.of buying from Renault, but the warrantee doesn’t seem much either.
I cant see us being long from a 3k plug and play 100 mile battery. A ev garage I spoke to is convinced a ex hybrid battery pack, golf or similar, plus a few hours workshop time would be simple enough upgrade. I know there have been Tesla banks installed that get it too about 100 miles too. If buying used, this is worst case scenario.

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