Twizy won't charge longer than 30 seconds

My Twizy only charges 30 seconds. and then turns off the charger. The small battery shows 13 volts and I have 30% left on the big battery, but why not charge it for more than 30 seconds? I have full voltage and no fault on the cable, charging at 10 degrees C.

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This sounds like a faulty onboard charger. They are known to go wrong in the Twizy, however others would be better placed than me to determine whether that’s the problem or not.

How old is the twizy?
Older ones struggled when the in put voltage was too high say over 248v.
If that is okay, have you tried charging at another location or PowerPoint.

When it starts to charge can you hear the charger cooling fans start up? If not it mat be a simple stone,stick or leaf stuck in the charger. Remove foot well floor panel and you can see part of a big black box which is the charger. Clear anything stuck in the fan which is facing the front of the Twizy.

Hello again
Is there any exploded sketch showing how the electricity is drawn on a Twizy?
Now it sits at the car company for repair and I am phasing because it can be expensive to replace the charger. As an electrician, I could have done it myself if I had found drawings online :slight_smile:

There is a very good guide on here on how to replace the charger. @peter-ss created it and I used his guide. I added some bits to show where I found I slowed down to think. So the guide should be good for anyone. See