Twizy won't charge

I need some help with my 2016 twizy, it won’t charger, just plug it on the Circutor charger, screen light up, fan power on and star to charge, 10 seconds later stop and light up SERVI light.


I had a similar problem with the service light when charging, the twizy was charging but the service light was on. I took it to Renault service and it was leaves and dirt stuck in the fan so it was reporting an error. Could be the same.


If the Charger starts to over heat, ie. the fan doesn’t start up you get the warning light. Best switch off at that point before the charger gets damaged. Usually something simple like a leaf, stone or dirt stuck in the fan.

Lift the driver floor panel to expose the charger and at the front is the fan. make sureyou disconnect from the mains before you poke around the fan so as not to damage fingers or the fan if it starts up.

Mine has done this in the last 2 months. I actually just hit the top of the charger above the fan to get it going. I now listen for the fan to start up.