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Twizy wont go this Morning

Hi Everyone
I have woke this morning to my Twizy Not starting
Lately I have been seeing the SOC only reaching 93% and my Twizy is 2012
Two months ago it was 98%
this morning it was lighting all the lights on the dashboard, beeping ready to go then beeping and saying STOP with a small red light flashing frantically to the RHS of the STOP light.
Please see Photo

Does anyone have any ideas let me know thanks

check the 12V battery first , voltage and check the state of the battery terminals.

Ok will do thanks
I’ll let the forum know

i took the battery out last night and refurbished it, it was quite corroded bur managed to clean it up and fit new screws etc.
it seems to have helped the waiting time on start up ( i don’t have to wait that few seconds for the GO light to come on) which isnt a big thing.
Unfortunately having watched it charge i found that the fan you hear when charging cuts off at 93 % and wont charge beyond except if the ignition is on which I expect wouldn’t be a good way to charge it.
Have you seen this before could the charger be faulty.

let me know your thoughts and thanks for your last tip

Hi there,
The early chargers did have some issues, any idea if it has had a new charger?
If you drive then charge, does it always go up to 93% or is it only charging for a period of time?

I wonder if the 12v battery isnt being charged and having the ignition on helps that somehow?

Could be a charger or battery issue potentially. Is it a leased battery or has it been bought out?


Hey Brian,

2012 twizy probaby has the old charger fitted and has problems charging with high input mains voltage.

can you check the mains voltage at the plug to see?

check the voltage at the battery when the ignition is on to see if the 12V is being charged.

how many miles has the twizy covered?

Mine did this for the first time yesterday. Charged up to 90% then stopped. I unplugged the car and plugged it back in and off it went up to 100%.
I recently replaced my charger with a second hand 1st generation one. Whilst of fixed my [!] issue, it has brought on a different one by the looks of it.
The only way it seems to have a fully working Twizy is to buy it new, never start it or use and and then you’ll never know what faults it Ian hiding!

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You can use an external device (OVML) to program the Twizy not to charge to 100%, was theis done before you got it?

Also Battery Temp will stop it charging.

good point , my battery pack was 22C this morning @730am before I drove it.

Yep - mine was really hot yesterday and stopped charging at 98% -

Do you have solar panels perhaps? Early chargers don’t like high voltage which can be caused by solar panels you or your neighbours have, especially the last few days !


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thanks everyone
my Twizy has 10000 miles 2012 I’m not sure if it has the new charger, how would i know and where would i find it. Can i just buy a new one and fit it myself or is this a Renualt thing.
i have considered buying my battery until this small issue RCI offered it to me for £800 is this a problem covered by the lease.?
It could be a temperature thing as its been Humid here in NI the last few days
Not sure either of the OVML Osbrook what is this is this a powerbox
I dont have any solar panels and a pretty solid power supply but i will check this

thanks again everyone

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The Powerbox is different but they can do similar things. Stick to a powerbox unless you are a deep techie. The charge is easier to change, Just need to be able to get under the Twizy. without knowing what to look for they the easiest way to check the charger version is to see how long the fans run for after reaching 100% and the dash display going blank. A MK2 charge cuts the fans after a few minutes the MK1 runs the fans for between 20mins and 7 Hours.

And the how too and pictures are here http://forum.evowners.com/t/diy-replacement-of-the-twizy-charger/4262 on this forum.

But you need to be able to charge the Twizy to 100% to do this check.

The charger is under the drivers right foot floor panel. I don;t think you can see the label from there.
The MK1 charger has a breather pipe but the MK 2 doesn’t. Otherwise they look the same. Spotting the breather pipe isn’t very easy.

The breather pipe is referred to as a vent pipe in the pictures by Peter.

So I thought this was the charger you can see from the back? Is this not - and it is the part you have to change on a 2016 onward for the powerbox.
I need to look at my charger - but assume on the description above I have gen 2 - as my fan cuts out quickly. That is good news.

Thats the motor controller, indeed you fit a new controller for the powerbox to work with it.


Great thankyou.
Luckily mine is a 2014 so powerbox works just fine. (Just a very clean car!)
It’s the charger I’m interested in - but that’s hidden away so I cant check its age.

Hi Everyone
its seems the wee problem i had is still there, last night i tried to start and again the same issue as before the small red light on the top RHS was flashing fast and the stop light was coming on immediately’
Using my meter the 12 v battery was showing 14.4 volts when charging and a good 12.8 when sitting, i took the floor pan off and checked the fan and all seemed to be working. I took out the 12v battery and charged it using my smart charger and it seemed to charge fine ( but it also seemed fine in the car) which would tell me the charger in the car is working .
How would i know if its a series 1 or 2 charger as i said its 2012 and has has previous owners

This morning it started fine and got me to work, could there be an issue when the battery gets low
would it be worth getting Renualt to check this over can they plug it in and show the faults ?


this is the small light that is flashing
what is the wee battery symbol for in the centre of the dash display

It looks like a loose connection somewhere, if the battery is charging. The trouble with a voltage only check of the battery is is can hide internal cell faults. If checking it on the car when not charging and the ignition is off then turn the headlights on and take a reading.

Always hard to find an intermittent fault.

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