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Twizy world owners map

I was just thinking, since ill be traveling a lot in the next few months, how nice it would be to know if someone is around here…

So I created this map or you to drop a pin NEAR your home.

this serves in multiple purposes:

  1. have a friendly recharge location when in distress
  2. support and further help
  3. create smaller groups localy
  4. when you travel (with or without twizy) you can meet up for coffee

again, avoid to add your exact address for obvious safety reasons.

here is how I’d like the format entry to be:
Name: used forum screen name
Description: TYPE CAPITAL “OWNER” or “FAN” and add which forum you are member of.

Add photo of twizy, video etc

Please spread he word if you are members of other other twizy forums. Ill post one German, italian and FB Twizy Fracophones group.

Also Admins please pin this thread \ link on the introductions forum to have every newcomer drop his location.

let’s unite and meet:)


Done! but how would Twizers contact us if they needed a charge? Email is safest I guess…

I didn’t want to put up my email address but can be DM’d via this site, hence the URL in my entry.

any entry will do. email, url. just a way to be reached;)

How do you stop people messing about with the entries Alex? Anyone can edit anyone?

very right you are…
i will wait for enough owners to get added and then i’ll block open editing.

What a great idea, would be interesting to see ho many there are in my area. Thanks @ALEXAKOS

Hey Alex - you are 2700Kms away from me. So no chance you pop in for coffee!!! Well done anyway, very good job.

you never know mate;)

So no one so far in the UK is close enough to actually take advantage of friendly charging!!!

I have added mine. No one close to me yet, lol.

Thanks Alex for a great idea, but I wish I knew more about Google maps! I spent ages yesterday trying to drop a pin on my iPad but only succeeded when I switched to the Mac. I’m now included on the side bar under the group Zippy. Is there something else I should have done?

Not many owners very close, but if any one is towing their Twizy around the West Country (Osbrook?) I have room to park.

Added mine as well although we are not getting ours till June.

Great idea, I have just added mine. No one close to Ruislip but K22MDL is the closest from my office in Windsor.

Can meet for a cup of Tea with her majesty the queen Elisabeth II.

@Silas I think I’m the nearest to you up in Portishead, in theory we could meet up at Burnham-on-sea that’s as long as there is a charger near there that can do 2 Twizy’s at the same time!!!

That’s a good idea Eric - If you are ever over this way…!

Hey, thanx for taking on my idea.
Be patient. Time will lay out a nice web of friends. Maybe you can plan a Twizy tour… With 3 hour coffee brakes to recharge and get to know each other;))

@ALEXAKOS there seem to be a lot of unnamed points appearing on the map, in both English and German. Also there are quite a lot appearing under the heading of Zippy. Do all of these need editing/removing? I don’t mind helping out if you want it. Cheers Chris

Moi, Martin!