Twizy wrong discharge charge informations

I have 2017. Twizy 80 with 15000km.
I own it abouth 1 month and i found out this:
Battery is fully charger between 80-100%
When i put contact it is always 100%
When i go downhill, the range calculator regen current calcullate in discharge.( I nevere reach more than one eco point when i use motor breaking.
When i make trip with few stopa, every time when i put contact the battery drops 10%
When i stop i have 40% or 4 bars.
When i make same trip without stoping i have 70% or 7bars.
What is wrong?

welcome timoimax

I struggled a bit with the translation to English.

15,000Km is not that much for a Twizy
The battery will always charge to 100% unless it has been programmed by an external device (Powerbox etc) to only charge to 80%. This is true even if the battery is degraded.
when reconnecting to the power supply after a charge it will show 97 or 98% and quickly charge to 100%
regen should return as much as 4% back into the battery over a charge to discharged.
Any moving away from a complete stop and acceleration will use more power than constant speed.

The 2017 does not take the PowerBow commandes, are they now?

If the Twizy if full 100% charged and you start up a hill to regenerate more energy it can overcharge your battery that could conclude to the unstability of it after a little wild… is “Stop” means you get “stop light on the dash board” ?

Powrbox may not be able to set max charge state. But it isn;t clear when the car was made.

Regen doesn’t work when the Traction battery is fully charged. Also you cannot get regen from going up hill.

Thanks for a help.
May conclusions is when i put charger after drive i have 45% battery.After charge finish i have 75% battery. I consume abouth 30% battery capacity.
May real battery state is about 70%.

Take it to Renault or a electric car garage and ask them to check the State of Health (SOH) of the battery. If ur battery is under lease you can get a new battery from Renault.

I don’t have a power box, but does it stop the battery charging to 100%? Is that better for the battery? I’ve only had my 2012 twizy 6 months, I generally just plug it in to charge to100% when I get home - is that bad?

It’s what most owners do.