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Twizynorthwood's Twizy

Here are some pics of my Twizy. It is a Colour in black with orange wrap and it has the orange alloys, handsfree and wireless bluetooth, the doors of course and the nets and reverse sensors have not yet been delivered by Renault.

I would add more pics but the limit seems to be three.

I have driven about 350 miles so far and its great fun to drive even in the rain which is lucky as it has pretty much only rained! and i drive about 40 miles a day return to the office in Kilburn. What do i love? Well I love not stopping at petrol stations and I love being the centre of attention and explaining to everyone how cool electric cars are. What do i hate? I dont hate anything about the car but i could do with more power in the stereo, a cup holder and the ability to at least hit 60 (i have taken it on the M1 4 times now at 52).

It is more fun to drive than I ever thought and I love getting into tight spaces that would be impossible in my Jaguar XJR.

I havent seen any other Twizy’s on the road yet but I gather that in the first sales period 147 were sold making it the 3rd most popular EV.

Very nice!

It seems I’m the only one so far to go for a white Twizy!

I agree with the speed. It would be nice if they could have squeezed another 10mph out of it. At the moment the Twizy is just about suitable for 50mph average speed limit A roads, but as soon as traffic starts speeding up it does feel rather slow.

I have also noticed that it seems to have a speed limiter. Has anybody else noticed this? For example when I’m going downhill it feels like once the Twizy reaches 52mph it pulls back and actually keeps itself from going any faster. Even if it would be easier to go faster by letting it just roll.

Thanks for pointing out the attachment limit. I have now upped this to a limit of 10 attachments per post which should be enough for anyone!

Is there a way of turning off the speed limiter? Actually at 52 mpg constant it eats more power than on regular roads as there is no benefit from power going back into the battery. If i choose minor roads then on a 20 mile journey i use 1-2 less power bars.

Love the Black & Orange :smiley:

Black and orange is a good colour combo but it does mean paying for Metallic paint.

Im wondering this, i understand going faster will eat more battery but if you know your journey distance how badly is a 52mph 15 mile cruise gonna drain the battery?

Going 15 miles at 52mph constant will drain the battery pretty quickly, and possibly run it down completely. Obviously you can keep the Twizy at around 48-50mph by constantly letting your foot off the accelerator and then pressing it again to keep it at the speed. This recharges the battery every time you take your foot off letting you get more range.

Probably no advantage in having regenerative braking when cruising, at best its about 75% efficient at putting charge back into battery. Better off keeping speed constant, at 50mph most of your battery power is being lost to wind restistance which is the only reason why slower = more range.

so you really think driving at full speed will take a 60 mile range down to about 15? I shall have to go to my nearest renault and see how far i can take the dealer for a test drive down an A road lol. If i can do 25 miles with most of them miles being full speed id be happy, living in the semi sticks means its all A roads with national speed limits for 10 miles before hitting city and town traffic and roads.

I doubt it would be that bad, but you’d be lucky to maintain a constant speed anyway, and if you intend to drive flat out that means acceleration which uses more energy, and braking which wastes quite a bit even with the regen. FWIW (which isn’t much in practice) I reckon the constant speed flat road range versus speed graph looks something like this. [Sorry - I seem to have lost the capacity to upload the actual image directly].

If you are planning to drive at 50 MPH i would say you would get 30 miles at a push… If the roads have a hill take a few more miles off!

When i take the Twizy into central london via the A2 (has some minor hills in the road) which is a 50 MPH speed limit for approx 10 miles and then 30 MPH for 2-3 miles on a round trip approx 12-13 miles i have 3 bars left on the battery by the time i get home. I would say would that would be 15-20 mile range left in the battery after this commute for 30 MPH roads.

This is all ok as i am only going door to door if i am going to London for a trip/day out then i take the back roads and miss the 50MPH A2, this can then give me about 20 Odd miles around London (braking brings up the range in town) and then that gives me 20 miles to get home so all in all i can get to London, drive around for a few hours and get home on one charge of course as a Source London member i can always charge up whilst parked if required :cool:.

What i think you will find and i am sure other members will confirm once you have a Twizy you tend to drive slower and play the battery game using less acceleration and braking you extend the range, but at this time full flat out the miles wont last…

This is true. You will adapt your driving style to maximise range and efficiency without even realising you’re doing it. You will also start planning journeys a lot more closely and look at alternative routes.

The trick is to not be constantly on the accelerator or brake. You want to anticipate the flow of traffic and come to a natural stop, but also let the regenerative feature kick in as you’re going along by taking your foot off the accelerator.

I do that now in the Saab just trying to save fuel, hopefully this will come naturally.

Is there a thread for people to post records of best distance on a charge?

Not that I know of, but one of our members inadvertently (road closed, massive diversion, the EV nightmare scenario) did 57 miles today, arriving at his destination with 0 range and 0 battery indicated, and a complaining Twizy. I’ll let you know if he made it back home! Actually, until the diversion he was bowling along at his usual brisk pace, so he reckons he could have gone much further if he’d known. That’s the EV drivers equivalent of “if I’d known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself”.

I was going to go for this combination. So if I went black it has to be metallic? There is not flat black? There sales material is useless, and the staff do not seem to know what they are selling.>:(