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Twizyowners.com v the other car forums

Evening all

It has just struck me…

I’m on loads of forums and there’s always heated debate about stuff, but totally missing are…

…the endless threads about…what oil is best, which antifreeze to use, which engine treatments work, how to cure leaks, how to cure overheating, which brand of filters to use, how to quieten the tappets, how to cure the central locking faults, how to fix the air-con leaks, how to sort the power steering faults, which remap or chip is best, how to repair the head gasket, fixing ABS faults, which exhaust sensor is causing the fault, how to clean the EGR, how to clean the throttle bodies, how to adjust or replace the clutch, how to sort worn synchros on 2nd gear, does my auto box need replacing…etc etc etc etc

The simple design of the Twizy lets us just get out and use the car and worry about the range!

A few things:
1/ If electric cars are built with a battery pack, controller and motor, the above parts are not needed-will a decently designed and built electric car with a replaceable battery pack therefore not have the built in obsolescence of a “normal” car caused by all the above parts failing?

2/ I must say that this forum is a pleasure as the Twizy crowd seem to be intelligent, polite and open to an unbiased intellectual debate-unlike some other car forums which seem to be the manor of narrow-minded “my car is the only car in the world, all others are cack” types who seem to post for the love of an argument*. As such:

3/ Well done James and mods for keeping the forum so well policed (or to the posters who just keep it clean and pleasant) and such a nice place to be :wink:

  • I left one forum after one of the moderators posted that he had gone to look at a cheap 10 year old car advertised on Auto-Trader at a dealer. After half a day of driving and prodding he found a few faults that would be expensive to fix, so had tried to offer about half the price asked to fully cover the garage price of repairing it. The owner made it clear that he needed a certain figure for it and would not sell it under this price, whatever the issues were. Instead of walking away the guy then hung around for the rest of the day telling the seller that it was a rip off and he should get it for the price offered until the guy got cross with him and after many hours of repeating the same response, finally told him to go forth or he would remove him from the premises.
    If you imagine the most annoying adenoidal trainspotter (I watched some of his cringe-worthy Youtube tutorials) this was the guy-I think many other garages (and me!) would not have been as patient with him. Anyway, he posted that he had been verbally abused for trying to buy a car and that this garage was effectively run by dangerously violent criminals and that something should be done about them.
    What happened was that about 30 members joined in to keep posting that “****garage, *****rd *****town” was terrible, offensive, abusive and whatever other keyword they could think of to get the Google ranking of the thread in the top three, so when anyone searched for the garage this would come up in the search results.
    What followed was around 300 posts over 5 threads to specifically ruin the trader’s business-and it did not stop until they got top search result for the garage name.
    I was the only one who protested that this was fundamentally wrong-gang mentality had it won.

  • One forum had to (finally) ban a number of users when the threat of violence at an upcoming meeting after some really offensive posts got too likely

Aah, the Twizy forum. Home of a decent lot, with interesting topics and intelligent debate. And no arguments about oil. Is it an electric car thing? :smiley:

Sounds like Piston heads lol getting involved with clubs & forums in the car repair Buisness can be very risky .
perhaps this forum will become less friendly eventually, but for now it’s great :slight_smile:

Yes echo that - Well done James.

Thanks guys, but it wouldn’t be a friendly forum without friendly members :wink:

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to be a certain type of person to be this heavily involved with electric cars this early on.

The type of small minded, arrogant idiots that populate other car forums simply wouldn’t be interested in a car like the Twizy, because for a start it’s completely different which they can’t handle, and secondly it doesn’t go 120mph.

I should add that many of the forums are really good-its just a few in particular and just a band of idiots within those forums that ruin them.

Both in my professional capacity as a repairer and in my hobby time, the forums have been absolutely amazing in helping to resolve issues with a vehicle-I have found easy ways to do difficult jobs, found cheaper alternatives than the standard repair, been able to cross reference parts that fit several cars but sell for less from one scrap car to another, sorted tricky wiring issues and been able to improve vehicles for very little money.

One forum helped me rebuild a hopeless car and arranged a meet for experts to swap parts off their spare cars to make it 100%. That end-of-life 12 year old high mileage car then went on to do a 2500 mile faultless winter trip across to the Russian borders in temperatures of -30 degrees.

All in all, all the forums are a great thing-but I’m very glad to be part of this one, in particular-due to the high calibre of users on here.

BORING!!! :rolleyes:

Only Joking!

I know we have a this is my andy my Twizy section, but I think it would be good to have a thred or place where it is just a list of profiles where there is a picture of the Driver and their car. Not manditory of course, some of us are on the run. But when i read “mender” i have a cross between a mechanic and bender from Futurama.

Just an idea. :wink:

It looks like the Gwiz is losing sales to Twizys.

Thank god for the Twizy-this week my own “normal car” problems have been:

Car 1/ stuck hydraulic tappet, central locking not working, oil leaks
Car 2/ more fault codes than NASA, bust coil pack, bust cam sensor, immobiliser meltdown
Car 3/ 4 fault codes-on of which shuts down the engine (and thus power steering, brake servo etc) every few hundred yards then restarts

I’m sick of being “mender” :frowning:

Thank god the Twizy works :wink: