Thought this might be a good way to consolidate the “if only’s” spread across the forum.

If the Twizy development team ever design a mark II, what would your ONE wish for the new and improved version be? The single additional feature or enhancement most important to you?

I will kick things off with:

  • An interior light

Lockable doors with windows. A solution for decent music would be ace, more power for pulling away safely at junctions. More range, say double the current range would be blooming marvellous! Maybe a less firm ride as long as it doesn’t mess with the Go-kart fun round corners. Think that is all for me. (:

plus one for me tooooo

Fast Charger option would allow longer journeys :smile:


A properly sealed enclosed interior with doors and windows.

Decent range and 70mph performance as standard

Common guys!!!
Nobody wishes for a battery purchase option??
You are all happy campers with RCI??

I am working on a easy on off weather stripping system for door and Delorean look Windows.;))

if i am honest i would like the twizy to be a convertible double the range quicker and higher top speed and proper brakes instead of something they found on the scrap heap

I think the OP meant design features in the Mk 2 Twizy

I await with keen interest.

I will purchase the next version of Twizy if it has at least three of these four:

  • At least 100 km (62 miles) real-world minimum range, as in worst-case
  • Purchasable battery; be it after 3 year lease contract ends or without contract at all
  • Not more expensive due to increased range and capabilities
  • Not be bigger: it is way easier to park a Twizy in a small parking spot than a regular car and I like that. Also fitting between two poles between poles on the road only bicycles can pass is nice.

Radio, lockable doors and heating would be nice, but not necessary for me. I wouldn’t pay extra for it, but if it comes standard, I won’t complain.
Lockable doors especially, I don’t know about you, but I reason that with aftermarket windows, it is nigh impossible to know how to open the Twizy without knowledge. There’s no door handle at the outside!

Maximum speed increase… I’m indifferent about it. It would be nice, but it severely reduces range, so I’d have to say, at least 100 km (62 miles) range at 80 km/h (50 mph).

But from a legal stance we might have some problems here.
The Twizy drives at 13 kW maximum power, and the legal limit for something to still be considered a quadricycle, is 15 kW maximum power – at least in Belgium.
So yeah, you could increase the power legally, but not by much.

For the battery increase, it’s not such a problem. The maximum weight – again, referencing Belgian law – of the vehicle is 450 kg, but without battery. With battery the Twizy weights 487 kg. Minus the 100 kg battery we get 387 kg.

We have some margin to increase the vehicle’s weight, but since it does not include battery, it really doesn’t matter that much.

That said, since more batteries mean heavier vehicle, the amount of kW power should also be higher; even just to match the current perceived power output.

Any ideas how to work on these limits; and please tell, are the limits in your country different?

Decent brakes!!! Lol

And increased power output

I’m content with the Twizy format: a semi-open, stable “scooter” with safety belts and air bag. The Power Box has given me brisker acceleration and a better top speed, with control of regen. So the main improvement that I want is greater range. For me there is no need to turn the Twizy into a “proper” car.
If Renault don’t develop the Twizy we need battery purchase from RCI and then we can lean on Kenneth to manufacture his battery.

Am I being daft here? One wish is that it had bloomin’ sun visors!!! I couldn’t see where the hell I was going coming home this afternoon! Or are they hidden and I just haven’t noticed? What do you guys do when the sun is low in the sky?

Silas, my mileage seems to be on the low side but it may just be the way I am getting used to it. Typically getting 25-27 miles to the charge, with an ambient temperature of 7.5dg down south. It charges to 33Miles, then steadily goes up to 40 then drifts down quite quickly.

My worry about fitting the Power Box is that the distance will be reduced still further?

My hat has a peak and ear flaps, keeps the wind off and the sun out of my eyes. Unfortunately I can’t block the sound of mocking laughter but I don’t care.

I will analyse my range before and after fitting the Power Box but I have limited opportunities and I’ve only had the Power Box since the beginning of January. Since getting my Twizy in August my average round trip has been 25 miles and I usually arrive home with 30% to 35% left in the battery. I did 186 miles in January and didn’t really notice much difference. I think that if I had a heavy foot and used the increased acceleration and higher speed all the time then the range would be noticeably reduced but I find that the Box enables me to be a bit quicker and a bit faster when I need it but not all the time, so that doesn’t eat into the range as much as expected.

That’s interesting. After my 20 odd mile jaunt today I had just 5 miles showing on the range. I wonder if Renault can actually do a test on the batteries (I guess they must be able to) to see what the condition is like? Anyone on here actually had their batteries changed by Renault?

Thanks for the update on the PB. I’ll drive mine for a month and then order one so at least I will see a big improvement. I still can’t believe the numpties forgot to fit a set of sun visors though. What were they thinking?!

Renault - thinking?? No, to be fair, someone within Renault thought Twizy. Then the accountants took over and the sun visors went out of the window along with the windows! But they have created something unique, very interesting and electric.
Other with much more experience than me will no doubt comment but battery life seems to be much longer than first anticipated and the only replacement that I have seen reported was as a result of a failure. The 70% limit in the RCI contract seems not to be an worrying issue.