TwizyOwners Features

Hi everyone

Just a simple question…

What features would you like to see on this site? What do you think would make it better? It can be anything, from the way the site functions to a new section on the site.



A link to each (current) recharge web-map available so we have a useful resource to check in an emergency!

How about a reviews page that users give a star rating for Twizy equipment such as the third party windows, parrot system etc. Like Amazon do but on a smaller scale.

Why don’t we start our own map page? When any of us find a charge point that is compatible we share its location via a simple interface that updates the map? From this we could make our own application for iOS that is updated automatically. It could even include contact details for public venues etc that have let us charge in the past?

Please support the community project OpenChargeMap so that you don’t become charging map number 151 :S

OpenChargeMap is open source so you can do anything you want with the apps, maps, and data. It’s also integrated into the amazing OVMS tool that gives you remote control of the Twizy!

I will probably try and integrate with OVMS rather than create a new one. This isn’t to say I have to stick with OVMS user interface though. I’m sure they have an API I could use to build something different.

I think reviews is a good idea. This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Just to give you guys a heads up, I’m basically going to be rewriting the forum from the ground up. That way it will be totally bespoke and I can implement whatever features we want.

Keep the suggestions coming.

It’s all open source so you can take it in any direction you wish… I’m currently integrating my EV with my house/solar management system and using OVMS to modify the charge rate based on my PV production.

James did you mean OVMS or Open Charge Maps? One is basically hardware and one is software. The OVMS is a piece of hardware fitted to the car that provides additional details and functionality. The device also integrates in with the open charge maps API’s.

I’m just getting a little confused on which one you are integrating with.

How many TWIZY users have implemented OVMS? Is it still relevant in 2013, or is there a a Type 2 model on the horizon? Lastly, where is it fitted - behind the dashboard?

You’re quite right, I was getting confused. I meant Open Charge Maps :wink: