TwizyX Tuning software

Has anyone any experience with these people at They claim to be able to boost performance of the 45 & 80 by downloading software through the OBD connector.

not heard of them but the majority of us here use the Powerbox by @kennethnilsen69 and would all give glowing recommendations of the performance boost

twizyx is just a OVMS in disguise.

They bought the OVMS Box like everyone else for 99€ at Fasstech and put their SIMcard in it and a sticker on it.

If you “buy” from them they send you the box and tune your Twizy via SMS or GPRS commands.
Then they want their box back, otherwise you lose a deposit you made extra to what you pay for the 5 Minutes of time and the SMS they spend for the worth of your money.(Deposit is exactly what they payed for the OVMS)

So its a big old scam. Thier business relies on the work of others(open source) and the lack of knowledge for thier customers.

These pay plenty for something you can have for free if you know (someone with a ) OVMS or even a PowerBox.
You can archive that tuning even with a simple ODBII dongle and the new android software.

Let them scam someone else.

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BTW: The New OVMS V3 is on the way. ETA sometime this Fall.

Bluetooth (App Connection)
WiFi (App Connection)
USB (firmware and more)
SD-Card Slot (GPS/CAN logging)
FUN :wink:

Possibility to add a Display.

And the hardware and software will still be open source and will be sold at cost price.(probably again at Fasttech)

So don´t waste your money on scammers.

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Not sure I’d call it a scam. If what you say is true, it sounds like someone has purchased a tool (ovms) and is using it to tune cars, whilst charging a fee for the service.

Not much different to all the mobile remappers out there. Anyone can go on eBay and buy mobile remapping equipment and DIY but they choose to go to a specialist for one or more reasons, often lack of knowledge or risk mitigation.

You can call it what you like.

They took a free software and a “tool” for 99€, gave it a new name to shade it from unknowing customers and charge a tonload of money for something that cost them next to nothing.

If you like you can buy your software from those sites that sell you open source or freeware attached with a special “Maintenance Service” that will cost you 10€ a month.

Dosn´t make it right or even legal in some countries. (in Germany we call it “Wucher” and there is a law against this.
But no one will sue them. First you pay them upfront instead signing a fraudulent contract, second everyone thinks they do something illegal with that tuning themselves.(Which might be true in some countries too, not in Germany)

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