Twizyx upgrade kit

Twizyx upgrade kit.Anybody tried??Its a software upgrade no parts needed to make your Twizy go faster.Log into their Facebook site to see what the fuzz is all about.

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How is this any better than the PowerBox?
It certainly doesn’t offer the same features for the price :confused:

For me it’s a Scam.

300+ Euros for something you can get gor free from everyone who owns a 100€ OVMS is a strange practice.

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Does OVMS V2 or OVMS V3 work on 2018 Twizy or it’s the same case as the Powerbox?


OK, it seems not if it’s the same thing. Renault have locked the software from being hacked from June or July 2016 … the code haven’t ben cracked since now. :frowning::floppy_disk:

That is exactly the same conclusion I came to. Thanks for the heads up @Grossstadtfahrer, thought it looked familiar.

@Grossstadtfahrer I’m unhiding the posts above because although the solutions may be poor value, it is at least worth other members being aware of them and being able to see what is poor value.