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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Twizzing around London

I took my Twizy out for a spin around town last night since it was such a beautiful evening, here are some of my photos.

Looking good!

Maybe we should do a London meet up?

I would be up for that.
Westminster offers free parking and congestion for EVs so it would be great to meet there, outside a famous landmark perhaps. I would like to see just how many Twizys will fit into a single parking space and hopefully attract enough attention to encourage other boroughs to offer similar EV incentives, particularly for narrow track vehicles.

Good pics, the car looks at home in that environment.
love to do a meet , but it’s a bit far for me.

Well, I’m in Westminster every day. Just let me know when you’re about!

Good pics :cool:

And also around London area so could meet up as well subject to work etc…

Thats great, I think we need at least 3 cars to call it a meet. I’m away until September but I can suggest a couple of dates, Thursday 6th Sept or Saturday 8th Sept, at a Westminster location to be confirmed.

I’m actually away on those days. Typical. Will have to be the week after

That is uber clean and shiny!

I gave it a quick go with the Turtle Wax that evening, it makes a big difference even on a brand new car. Doesn’t look like that now sadly since I park under a tree most of the time.
Because the Twizy is open, the interior is difficult to keep clean. At this time of year I am going to be constantly removing leaves from it.