Twizzy Discontinued?

I currently drive a Nissan LEAF, I’m considering a Twizy as a second vehicle. I live near Bangor, North Wales. Our local Renault dealer in Llandudno Junction does not stock the Twizy . Today I called Renaut Chester and they told me the Twizzy has been discontinued :open_mouth:

Is this true? I can find any reports of the online.

It’s also a concern to purchase a twizy from a dealer that is 60miles away, obviously this is greater than the range of the Twizy, this would be very awkward for servicing! How much servicing does a Twizy require? Probably not a lot. Could the servicing be done by a local garage?

what servicing, i mean i would say as long as discs and pads checked and the gearbox oil changed then the battery lease would cover the rest ie nothing you can actually service

ps mines for sale can deliver :wink:

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Just called another dealer (renault wirral) and they confirmed that the Twizy has been discontinued in the UK :frowning:.

I wonder why this has not been announced for reported in any online new?

Also, do all Twizy’s always have a battery lease?

@Sam_Stewart thanks for the offer, I’ve seen your advert. I’m after one with doors!

Great stuff just discontinued my Direct Debit for my Battery Rental. No selling No support No Rental. Get buying the remaining Twizy’s before there gone.

As with all technology it becomes obsolete or at least unsupported at some point.

If this is the case I would take the stance cancel rental and let them try to chase you. My nearest ev dealer is over 80 miles away. They are not gonna come and try to get battery for no use/value now.

Having open sourced it it is like freeware. Get it for what you can while you can but basically your on your own. Costs will get written off and focus on next generation.

If they can get more rental they will if not big deal go it alone.

Both good and bad but you cannot take our Twizy and you cannot take our Twizy freedom!

Sounds good but check your contract. RCI will charge you for each chasing letter and interest on missing payments.

However now they have discontinued the Twizy how can they be sure they can supply the spares for the battery.

I know big difference between stopping selling something and not supporting said something.

We are lucky in UK we are leaders in this stuff so everything moves quickly. They know rental has been a pain and yes I do have warranty left so may reconsider. But what does it offer that WE don’t already know about.

OK brakes are awful and need to be maintained and controller may go titsup or last forever! Rental Peace of mind ish. No rental take the gamble but looks like they will not chase.

Change your agreement to minimum and see if they chase after that. Guarantee they won’t.

Gonna at least move to lowest mileage save a few quid and see what happens.

Plus discontinued will either mean no value or increase in value! Who knows?

Don’t take my word for it, I’ve only spoken to three relatively small dealers in North Wales / Liverpool. I will try and get an official statement from Renault before drawing a line. However, the fact that the Renault UK website does not mention a Twizy while their French and Italien sites do list the Twizy does indicate that the poor Twizy has indeed been dropped from the UK line-up :frowning:

This is a real shame since I had ideas to try and setup a car sharing/visitor hire scheme for Twizys in Snowdonia North Wales similar to the successful schemes in the Brecon Beacons and the Lake District. There does not seem to be any other electric cars on the market which can hit a similar price point and ‘fun’ point!

Any chance any @moderators could upgrade my profile :innocent: . It’s awkward not being allowed to post more than two links per post.

I had the same conversation with Renault Lookers Chester. I then spoke to Renault UK online chat who said that was wrong and they are still selling the Twizy.

Interesting, did he mention which UK dealers might still be selling it? I wonder if they are just continuing to sell until the dealers who do have remaining stock run out?

She mentioned something about being to order only and no longer any stock, but I was under the impression that was the case anyway.
Renault Crewe quoted me for leasing one, so assume they’d be able to source one. I’ve since brought the used one from John Banks Cambridge, they seem to sell a few and havent mentioned anything either.

That is a shame, however I can imagine that they have not made much money on these and the administration / support is a lot of work.

There must come a time when they look at a facelift / full refresh and the cost of this is prohibitive to the returns. In the UK you have to be quite die hard and open minded to drive one all year round, and there is just not enough volume for that I imagine.

I’m still arguing my case for less monthly rental with Renault Finance. I only do 2000 miles a year but use it to commute to work and back every day, all year round. Yes, they will come after you if you stop payments so beware! My concern is that the batteries will not charge up to full capacity now. I’m lucky to get 30 miles on a charge these days (it may improve in the summer) so what happens about replacement batteries? If this is true about discontinuing the Twizy in the UK then I shall increase the pressure on Renault to do something about rental costs.

Good luck I want to reduce mine down to a lower rate like RCI once did as I don’t do the miles I pay for.

Oops, I just signed up for 3 years at £45 pm. I always think we are on a sticky wicket ref repairs anyway once they are out of warranty let alone in.

In response to Glyn_Hudson give DSG Morecambe a call they seem to be best in the North West for Ev knowledge and support.

If you do get any for Snowdonia I’ll be your first customer and bring My Twizy over for the Launch. You could also consider 2nd hand Zoe as going for £5000 to £6000 at moment. Better option than full fleet of Twizy’s as spoken with someone from Lakes scheme and he said too many are scared of Twizy. Only young and mad people (that’s me) rented them.

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Main question I would have is regarding the remainder of our warranties. Will they still honour them? On the plus side, it’ll probably make the twizy quite a collectible little thing, so best get mine in mothballs!!

OOOOh No!!! They are too much fun not to use!