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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Twizzys in Rome

While in Rome on a long weekend, I spotted a few Twizzys. They really are perfect for Rome, nippy small, excellent. I took a couple of pictures, one has some zipping windows. That look good, but if you look carefully there’s quite a gap at the back, so if it rained it would get onto the back. I also took a picture of a rather neglected Twizzy. The poor thing looked as it hadn’t been cared for at all. I think I’ll set up a RSPCT, society for the protection of Twizzys. I did consider leaving a note to see how much they wanted for it, but I didn’t like the idea of the shipping costs, a bit like when you go on holiday and see a stray dog!

Just Drive it back and ignore the Battery rental part. :rolleyes:

strange doors on the orange one? Or am i seeing it wrong?

The lid to the plug connector seems different. I cant see the ze-writing.

I kept looking at that flap but couldn’t see what was missing. Only it looked wrong.

I actually noticed the “italian Parking job” - on rigth in front of someone’s garage/house gate and other squeezed between a Smart…italians, got to love them

I spotted a couple in Rome last year, but notas many as I expected. Personally I would think the suspension is way too hard for there poor roads.