Two Months Report

Twizy Technic 2014 arrived 28th August 2015 my first electric car.

So, two months of ownership - I’ve done 600 miles, covered it in mud, didn’t get wet, done all of my shopping trips (average 25 miles) carried everything that I needed including enough wine for survival, bags of dog food and a sack of kindling sticks. I’ve also driven like the teenager that I used to be 50 years ago!

I haven’t used my ICE since August, it was in for repair when the Twizy arrived which forced me to adapt and after it came back I preferred to use the Twiz. Experience has taken away my anxieties about range, parking, practicalities, etc. I’ve found a bag to sit behind the seat to contain shopping and a bottle carrier that fits better than the cardboard freebies.

Thanks to all the experience on the forum I immediately fitted mud flaps, a 500 mm wiper blade and checked the tyre pressures. I have since checked and adjusted the tracking (a bit out but not serious) and Ministromer softer bushes. These are a much better improvement than expected, suspension is still firm but not so harsh and not as noisy.

Conclusion: No surprises here, it’s the best thing I’ve done for a long time and I’m a total convert. I’ve not bought any petrol for two months, not had to cheat about emissions like Volkswagen and had some fascinating conversations with complete strangers. I’m not quite an eco-crusader but I now want to make others think about how much energy and how many seats they need for most of their journeys.

Cold weather running will be the next learning curve.

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Great write up - keep the updates coming

Thanks @Cheekychappie. It feels sort of self indulgent to write about “me” but I learned so much from reading the forum before buying my Twizy that I hope others may gain from sharing my early experiences.

I wanted to post a couple of pictures but when I pasted them it only showed a reference to the file location on my computer rather than an image. Is that how it’s done?

Loved your write up. I picked my one up in September and have put 1,300 miles on the clock in two months. Today here in Hertfordshire it was raining hard and very blustery, even the cheap Renault windows were flapping, but I loved just driving out in it. I do a blog for my work on how I am getting on and I am surprised by just how many people would buy one if they thought they could use it every day. For my trip to the station most weekdays and a couple of monthly work journeys to Staines, Ealing and Oxford it’s simply great fun. If they find a way of increasing the speed to 70 mph and extending the range on one charge to 60 on main roads, I reckon they would sell loads more – but then again, I like having something different to everyone else!
Again agree with you about the journey, they are just so much fun to drive.

i am so missing my twiz rang up yesterday but no news as when it will be fixed the twingo is not the same plum ugly and no fun

I understand your sense of deprivation Peter, I have caring responsibilities and can only drive my Twizy three times a week. Given the opportunity I’d be finding all sorts of excuses to take it out.

Hang in there, when it comes back with a gearbox running smoothly and quietly you’ll think it worth the wait.

I’ve also had my Twizy for two months now and have already driven 500 miles!

I’m really glad I bought it and, providing the weather’s not too bad, prefer driving it to my Audi TT for local trips.

It makes everyday journeys more interesting although extra time is often needed telling interested people all about it.

As well as using it for nipping to the shops and going to work I’ve also done a tip run, been to the McDondalds drive through and even managed 70mph on the M1!

People’s response to it has been completely positive even though some people do think I’m slightly mad.

I’ve already fitted a PowerBox and whilst everything’s great in the dry I feel extra grip is required in the wet, especially on the front! Maybe just a fresh set of standard tyres would help?

Over all the Twizy has been a great experience so far!



Best little car ever!

Great to hear this Peter, the powerbox does make it a lot more fun