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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Two Wheeled 'Twizy' with Windows!

Gyro-stabilised electric vehicle
Two gyros - housed under the seats - keep the vehicle upright, even in the event of a collision.

The electric motor will be able to propel the C-1 to a claimed top speed of 120mph, with a range of upto 220 miles. Charging will take six hours on a 120V connection.

You can watch a feature on the C1 on BBC Iplayer Click Programme.


The gyro system looks very impressive, I want one! :smiley:


Interesting post-watched the video.

Two wheels and a steering wheel is different! Like the idea though-and like the speed, range, filtering ability, weather protection etc.
Relying on the gyros is a leap of faith though-it would come after using it for a while.

It may be too way out for mass market in the UK, but may attract some followers, given that the price is not that far off a proper new motorbike and the running costs should be low enough.

I wonder what will be “normal” in 50 years?

Why spend a fortune on getting the gyros to work and then passing this cost to the consumer when they could have just made it a three wheeler like the piagio mp3. They would have been able to get it to market alot sooner.

That looks amazing. It reminds me of the Carver, except with 2 as opposed to 3 wheels.