Type 2 adapter to uk 3 pin socket

I know I’ve seen an adapter, so I can use type 2 charging points for the twizy, but I can’t find it now.

Could someone post, either the URL or the how guide.



Nikki (aminor journey) has made one and posted pictures of it.

I did indeed!

In terms of making one, all I did was follow this blueprint. http://www.vectrix-forum.de/images/fbfiles/files/Bauanleitung_Typ_2_auf_Schuko.pdf

You’ll need an appropriate connector of course, and some basic soldering skills. :slight_smile:

It’s my plan over the next few months to build a new unit for the Twizy which includes an on-board relay, so I can control charging times with the Open Vehicle Monitoring System. But I’m quite busy this week, so no progress yet!


That’s brilliant, thanks.


Hi there,
Same question, but other way around.
I want to travel with my electric car in France.
Mine has a type 2 charge port, while most charge point in France seem to be type 3.
So I’m looking for an adaptor to be able to charge there.
It’s so hard to find. After googling a lot, I found this thread.
Any suggestions?

Hi my question is ,Who in the community has purchased a type 2 cable which converts to a 13 amp socket. and which one and from where and have you had any problems using it? .I have also noticed that the cable on the forum which I have seen the blueprint for has a key on the type 2 socket.? when do you need to turn the key?.
It just that I don’t want to build or buy a cable that’s not been tried and not know what to do at the charging station when I get there and not know what to do.

You can certainly purchase a Pre-formed cable. The firm I spoke to wanted £245 including VAT and promised to waive the postage, I declined. As to the lock, it forms part of the specification but is not required unless you actually require the plug to be physically locked to the socket.

I used a public charge point and noted that any Type 2 plug appears to be captive when powered, so I assume not only will the lock version cost more, but only be required for those tat wish to prevent removal. Just because it is part of the specification doesn’t mean you need to use all the bells and whistles.

I’m afraid that’s what ‘proper’ charge cables cost, and the inverse cable that allows a normal EV to charge from a 13amp plug costs even more! Electric motoring is expensive, and accessories like these don’t enjoy the cost savings of mass manufacturing, yet. The good news is that while there are many more charge points than cars, congestion will not be an issue for the very few EV drivers around, but the EV community needs to be careful what it wishes for, and less blase about the apparently low cost of its fuel. In the mean time, I’m fairly relaxed in the knowledge that the Twizy has millions of potential charge-points most of which, thank God will never need to show up on any ‘map’. :razz: